<![CDATA[Three Fates Decide - News & Updates]]>Mon, 20 Mar 2023 20:56:34 -0400Weebly<![CDATA[Changes to Episodes Section]]>Mon, 17 Oct 2022 02:28:41 GMThttp://threefatesdecide.com/updates/changes-to-episodes-sectionFor the next couple of months, we'll be gradually changing and adding content to the Episodes Section of the website. Instead of grouping the episodes into batches of 5 with embedded episodes, we'll be creating dedicated pages for each episode.

Each episode will include:
  • Embedded episode player from our podcast hosting site, RSS.com for each episode.
  • Brief description of what the episode is about and some main points.
  • Any relevant links to things mentioned in the episode or otherwise related  to the subject.
  • Episode Transcript.

The easiest change is just splitting up the episodes into individual pages. The slowest going will be the inclusion on transcripts as it can take about an hour or more to produce and edit them.

<![CDATA[Some Minor Updates]]>Sun, 02 Oct 2022 02:22:41 GMThttp://threefatesdecide.com/updates/some-minor-updatesHi,
Here's a list of some small updates to this site.
  1. New episodes that are posted weekly on our podcast site also gets embedded to our episodes page.
  2. New links have been added to the Links page. We continue to add links to the various directories and podcast apps that our show can be located on. If you know of another place that are show is featured on, let us know! We also added a section in the links page to explain what sites we use to host the various things on our website and our podcast hosting site.
Thanks for being patient as we continue to work on updating, improving, and providing new info and features to our website. We are constantly grateful for the support of our listeners and people who willing to give us a chance!
<![CDATA[Major Updates!]]>Mon, 05 Sep 2022 00:34:57 GMThttp://threefatesdecide.com/updates/major-updatesAfter a few months of little to nothing being done to this website, we've spent the past week doing some significant updates to this site.
  1. One major change is that we have an Episodes page, in which we have embedded our episodes and some basic descriptions of the episodes. Please check it out!
  2. We also have indicated the different methods of contacting us for a variety of reasons. We hope that if you choose to avail yourselves of these options, you use the correct e-mail address so we can keep things organized.
  3. The Links page has been updated to include all the different ways to follow us and our podcast on a variety of players and directories we are featured on. If you use any of them please follow/subscribe on them if that is an option! We appreciate all forms of support.
  4. This News & Updates page will be our way of letting you know what and if there are any significant things of note to bring to you attention.