90’s TV Sitcoms

Show Notes

Join us on the latest episode of “Three Fates Decide” as we delve into the captivating world of 90’s TV sitcoms. Explore the enduring popularity and impact of these beloved shows, while also examining the challenges they would face in today’s society. Our lively conversation celebrates the comedy and entertainment of the 90s TV landscape, sharing personal favorites and exploring the nostalgia and cultural significance of these comedy classics. From Full House to Keenan and Kel, Freaks and Geeks to Dharma and Greg, we reminisce about the shows that shaped a generation. Tune in and join the conversation as we unravel the influence and lasting legacy of these iconic sitcoms.

We used this Buzzfeed article for this episode. https://www.buzzfeed.com/angelaandaloro/best-90s-sitcom-that-we-loved-growing-up

In This Episode

  • 90s sitcoms: popularity, impact, challenges in today’s society
  • Personal favorites and nostalgia of comedy classics
  • TV shows from the past and their influence
  • Favorite 90s TV shows and their lasting impact
  • Flaws in popular listicles ranking TV shows

Key Points

[0:0:45] The 90s was a wild generation with sitcoms that had staying power for their messages and topics.

[0:2:43] In the 90s, sitcoms dominated 97% of the top comedies, with non-sitcoms making up the remaining 3%.

[0:34:40] 90s sitcoms like Friends, Will and Grace, and Everybody Loves Raymond still resonate with viewers today.

[0:40:11] The show Dinosaurs was loved for its hilarious and relatable depiction of family life.

[0:41:16] Coach and Step by Step were popular sitcoms in the 90s.


– Let’s start with your list. You have more than I do.

-I personally think this should be higher on the list.

-Yeah. I was, like, reading through these looking through this, listening to this list. I’m like, I still watch that to this day. Yeah. And then other ones, I’m like, oh, my God, I forgot about that one.

-I think this should be higher on the list is The Nanny.

-They should have been the show.

-I love dinosaurs. It was such a good show.

-Yeah, I love dinosaurs. I did. I love dinosaurs.

-I mean, I love yeah, I mean, like I said, there should have been some, like Boy Meets World should have been above it.

-I used to watch that every day.

-Top 30 best comedy shows of the most of them, actually, almost all of them are on your list.

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