Are Movies Lacking Originality?

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Are you tired of seeing the same storylines in Hollywood movies? Join the Three Fates Decide podcast as they discuss the lack of originality in mainstream Hollywood movies and the importance of producing unique stories. From the constant remakes of superhero movies to the unnecessary remakes of classic films, the hosts highlight the challenges of adapting books into TV shows or movies. They share their opinions on the changing landscape of the entertainment industry and the impact it has on traditional movie making. The speakers offer insights into the challenges of breaking into the film industry and getting your screenplay produced. Don’t miss out on the upcoming episode where they will discuss a topic related to fate. Join the Three Fates Decide podcast and become part of the conversation on the importance of originality in pop culture.

– Lack of originality in Hollywood movies
– Over-reliance on adaptations and remakes
– Importance of producing original stories
– Impact of TV shows on the film industry
– Challenges of adapting books into TV shows or movies
– Criticism of Hollywood’s focus on profits over creativity
– Disappointment with unnecessary remakes
– Prioritizing international box office returns over quality and risk-taking
– Issue of movie franchises going on for too long
– Sequels and casting changes
– Challenges of breaking into the film industry

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Key Points

As Hollywood continues to churn out an alarming number of remakes, the industry has lost its creativity and originality.

Despite only being fictional characters, Batman and Spiderman have become iconic figures in popular culture, with their big-screen adaptations grossing billions of dollars worldwide.

With the rise of remakes, preserving the timeless charm and well-crafted narrative of beloved classics has become increasingly crucial.

Following the unprecedented success of Parasite, an original, well-crafted story that rocked Hollywood with no Western big-name talent attached, studios have become increasingly bold in taking creative risks to achieve critical and commercial acclaim.

A staggering number of actors are now being lured away from traditional TV and film, thanks to the generous budgets being offered by streaming companies for their TV shows.

As moviegoers increasingly demand more visually stunning experiences, filmmakers are feeling the pressure to produce jaw-dropping special effects.

Hollywood’s relentless pursuit of profit has driven them to prioritize remakes and adaptations of proven, high-grossing material to maximize appeal to international audiences.

Sequels remain a popular form of entertainment for many devoted fans.

Unsatisfactory films are often the consequence of screenplays that fall short of industry expectations.

With a willingness to take risks on original ideas, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon are rapidly becoming major powerhouses in the film industry.

In today’s fiercely competitive market, independent filmmakers can make their movie a reality by taking the initiative to finance their project and submitting it to major festivals, where they can attract the attention of producers and industry executives.

With a strategic submission to film festivals, independent filmmakers can unlock opportunities for career growth. This allows them to hone their skills, receive valuable feedback and build industry connections.


– “At least with Spider Man, like with the MCU, they didn’t go back and tell the same story again. Peter Parker. He’s already Spider Man. We already know his story. Let’s just keep it going.”

“Sometimes I think Hollywood thinks that they have no original thoughts in their heads anymore.”

– “They made one too many of those movies. I love Johnny Depp as much as the next person, but stop.”

– “They needed to stop after his death. They probably needed to stop before that.” – Mary on Fast and Furious

“Those festivals are huge, and if you just constantly keep going out and your name keeps getting mentioned that you’re getting better and better each time you put something in there, I think eventually you’ll make it.”

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