Black Widow

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Discover the in-depth analysis of the latest Marvel movie in the latest episode of Three Fates Decide. The podcast provides a spoiler-filled review of the movie Black Widow. The hosts discuss the plot, their likes and dislikes, and the delay of the movie’s release. The hosts express their admiration for Disney. Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit against Disney is also covered in the episode.

The hosts recount the plot of the movie, highlighting the emotional scenes and character developments of Natasha and Yelena. They also speculate about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They discuss the possibility of a Young Avengers storyline, exploring the backstory of the Winter Soldier, and more. Join the conversation and engage with the hosts on social media. Don’t miss out on this exciting episode full of insights and ideas. Tune in now!

  • Black Widow movie review with spoilers
  • Plot summary of Black Widow movie
  • Praise for Black Widow cast
  • Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit against Disney
  • Speculation about future of Black Widow character
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe developments
  • Desire for Winter Soldier origin story
  • Love for Yelena character
  • Contact information for feedback

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Key Points

Uncover the secrets of Marvel’s Black Widow – an essential listen for any fan of the amazing superhero!

Yelena’s sizzling sass in Black Widow electrified audiences, adding a whole new level of comedic energy to the Marvel blockbuster.

Marvel’s iconic Black Widow embarks on a journey of self-discovery after the explosive events of Captain America: Civil War.

The Taskmaster’s superhuman ability to absorb and replicate any fighting style with extraordinary precision. This mysterious antagonist presents a formidable challenge for Natasha, one that requires her to draw on every ounce of her renowned combat prowess.

With a single-minded determination, Natasha and Yelena relentlessly uncovered the shocking truth–the ruthless Taskmaster was none other than Draykov’s altered daughter, transformed into a superhuman soldier with extraordinary mimicking powers.

This inhumane act of forced hysterectomies was portrayed with darkly satirical humor. It left audiences shocked and appalled at the horrific reality of the red room training revealed in its devastating flashbacks.

By showcasing Natasha’s life beyond The Avengers and providing closure to her story, the movie offered an emotionally satisfying and resonant experience, featuring a perfect cast and family dynamic.

Scarlett Johansson sued Disney for the loss of an astounding $20 million. This was due to Disney Plus’ premature launch of Black Widow.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is revolutionizing the superhero landscape with an exciting new Young Avengers storyline. They could be ushering in a wave of dynamic characters to take the place of legendary heroes.


“If you have not seen Black Widow and you wish to not be spoiled and watched the movie, please turn off the podcast now, come back later.”

“After a nice little chase going on there, they flee to Cuba and they meet their boss, General Dreykov, and they separate them.” – Sam

“Valentina Allegra Defontaine … tells Yelena that it’s Clint’s fault that Natasha died.”

“That was a hard scene for me to watch because I am a mom of a toddler, and just thinking, I know it’s not real, but it gets in your head.”

“Disney really screwed her over. It’s fine. If you were going to allow it to be on Disney Plus at the same time, then her contract should have been changed to allow that.”

“I just know I can’t wait to see more of Yelena and see how her story arc is going to go. Because she’s hilarious.”

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