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Discover the power of “undefined” in the latest episode of Three Fates Decide – Women Opining on Pop Culture. Join our hosts as they delve into their favorite authors and book series: from classic literature like Sherlock Holmes and Edgar Allen Poe to modern hits like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. You’ll learn about the difficulties in reading Old English literature, the importance of character development, and the impact of romance novels on our expectations. Don’t miss out on this!

Topic: Favorite Books and Authors

– Discussion of favorite authors and book series: including Sherlock Holmes, Edgar Allen Poe, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Shakespeare.
– Appreciation for Old English and classic literature.
– Differentiation between colloquial Old English and actual Old English.
– Personal preferences in genres and authors, ranging from science fiction to romance novels.
– Importance of character development in novels.
РDiscussion of novels such as Les Mis̩rables and The Time in Between.

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Key Points

Pride and Prejudice ignited Liz’s romanticism. It captivated her imagination and caused her to dream of a love as grand as Mr. Darcy’s.

Experience an unforgettable journey of love, tragedy, and redemption with Fruits Basket. It is a manga series that starts with lightheartedness yet quickly delves into a deep and emotionally charged story.

George R.R. Martin’s captivating technique of shifting perspectives immerses readers in an ever-evolving world of suspense and intrigue.

The speakers specialize in books that defy categorization, exploring a wide range of genres including horror, sci-fi, and high fantasy.

Discover why Sherlock Holmes, Edgar Allen Poe, and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice have been captivating readers for centuries.

Without an appealing main character, it is almost impossible to keep readers hooked and invested in the story!

In Victor Hugo’s epic masterpiece, Les Miserables, readers are treated to an unforgettable story of struggle, redemption, and resilience. This novel is set against the sweeping backdrop of 19th century French history.

Despite their curiosity in the personal lives of politicians, shockingly few readers are captivated by political books and discourse.

Romance novels tantalize readers with their captivating escapism and dangerously dreamy ideals.

Reading can be a powerful escape from boredom. Discovering your favorite genre of books can be an immensely enjoyable experience!

Jane Austen and Anne Rice have captivated readers for centuries with their masterful use of powerful words to create unforgettable characters and stories.


– “I’m really into either like the science fiction or like the thriller, um, mystery type novels as well.”

– “I don’t even know if I have an absolute favorite to begin with. But, I mean, I guess like a book that I could I’ve read Harry Potter, like, multiple times.”

– “I would love to be able to emulate the vivid world that she [Anne Rice] has brought to life her and like Tolkien and all the huge writers that have written all these epics.”

– “It’s not so much I’m trying to copy a particular author or any such thing, because that’s just kind of silly and not very embracing of your own voice, if you will.”

“What I really enjoyed about his, uh, Song of Ice and Fire series is the fact that he does such a great job with playing around with narrative and perspective.”

– “I generally don’t read those kind of books either. M, I might be willing to read things like Stephen King just because I heard they’re very good.”

– “That’s the thing that is one of those linchpin things that can make or break a novel for me, is that I need to give a damn about these people.”

– “That kind of bit of history is actually interesting, and it is included in the edited version of the novel.” 

“We have these unrealistic expectations of what we want, uh, the guy to be. And even though we know they’re unrealistic, we can’t let go of them.”

“Pick a book up and just try it. I guarantee you, once you start reading and once you just develop that love of reading, you will never be bored a day in your life.”

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