Bridgerton Season 2

Show Notes

Discover the captivating twists and turns of Netflix’s Bridgerton in the latest episode of Three Fates Decide. Mary, Liz, and Sam explore the dramatic arc of Bridgerton season 2, from the Duke of Hastings’ lies to the Viscount’s strict criteria for a bride. Join them as they share their thoughts on the popular romance novel series. Their conversation includes the near-wedding fallout that left everyone involved in public humiliation. Plus, gain

-A brief recap of the first season of Netflix’s Bridgerton
-The Viscount’s search for a bride and the criteria he sets for her
-The slow burn love triangle between Anthony, Edwina, and Kate and how readers were frustrated with the pace
-The differences between the books and the Netflix show, such as Edwina’s storyline and Lady Whistledown’s reveal

Spoilers alert! Let us know what you think!

Key Points

Viewers spellbound by the unexpected twists and captivating love triangle of Bridgerton’s second season. This made it one of the most talked-about shows of the year.

​Penelope’s deceitful actions resulted in her dramatic estrangement from Eloise and the wrath of the Queen.

The highly acclaimed second season of Bridgerton takes viewers on a captivating journey of modernity, diversity and empowerment. It features an all-star cast, refreshing music and an innovative, modern take on traditional period pieces.​

Netflix’s astronomical spending on Original productions, such as the record-breaking Stranger Things, has sparked concerns about the streaming giant’s financial security and potential acquirers.

Following the slow-burning romance of Season 2, Bridgerton delivered a heartwarming finale that culminated in a blossoming love. The show provides lighthearted moments courtesy of the beloved canine character Newton.

As Season One of ‘The Bridgerton’s’ came to a close, Anthony’s quest to find a suitable wife was set as the compelling focus for the next season. Anthony and his mother’s roles as chaperones to Daphne adding an intriguing layer to the show’s drama.


“Unfortunately, women back then, you want the good catches, like whether or not they’re handsome or whatever. You just got lucky that Anthony is also a very good looking man. But you basically marry for money if you can. Right.”

“It’s still for reasons the period piece obviously like the costumes and the way they do things is still true to the period for the most part, but everything else is modernized. So it’s the mix of cultures. It’s the modern music. To me, it just makes it just ten times better than it would be if they just had it like an all white cast and whatever.”

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