British Royal Family Scandals

Show Notes

Join the Three Fates Decide podcast hosts, Sam, Mary, and Liz, as they delve into the sthe British royal family scandals. In this episode, they are joined by special guest Jennifer to discuss the abdication of King Edward VIII, Princess Margaret’s love affair with Peter Townsend, and the impact of Princess Diana’s death on her sons, William and Harry. The hosts explore the intricate details of each scandal.

They also touch on the scandal surrounding Prince Andrew’s close friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Don’t miss out on this informative and gripping episode, where no detail is left untouched. Tune in to the Three Fates Decide podcast and stay tuned for their upcoming episode on attention to detail.

  • Edward VIII abdication
  • Princess Margaret’s love affair
  • Royal Family divorces
  • Diana’s impact on monarchy
  • Charles and Camilla affair
  • Mental health initiatives
  • Windsor Castle Fire
  • Public grieving for Diana
  • William and Harry’s experiences
  • Prince Andrew scandal
  • Family drama aired publicly
  • Attention to detail emphasized
  • Guest speaker thanked
  • Teaser for next episode.

Key Points

The tumultuous 1990s saw the royal family rocked by multiple divorces and damaging scandals, teaching them invaluable lessons of resilience.

The abdication of King Edward VIII in 1936 triggered a seismic shift in the trajectory of British history, culminating in the ascension of Queen Elizabeth to the throne.

Despite the Queen and Queen Mother’s support, the government vehemently opposed Princess Margaret’s marriage to a divorced man, urging her to wait until she turned 25.

After a decade of bitter rivalry, the War of the Wales between Diana, Charles, and Camilla reached a fever pitch, with the trio using the media to launch scathing attacks against each other and engaging in a relentless tabloid war.

Although grieving is an intensely personal experience, the family of a public figure must cope with the added burden of providing comfort to strangers during their time of sorrow.

In the wake of Princess Diana’s untimely death, Queen Elizabeth II prioritized her grandsons’ grief, unyielding in her commitment to provide them with comfort and support.

Despite the loss of his royal title, the Duke of York still reigns as one of the most renowned figures in British aristocracy.


“But they say it’s allegedly that they didn’t fall in love until after the King died. I think there was attraction there beforehand, but their relationship didn’t become like a relationship until after the King died.”

“It might be a little bit worse because it’s a part of you that you’re giving to somebody else that you’re not going to give to me.” – Sam

“I think Harry has not moved past the person he was as that twelve year old boy. I think his growth or maturity or however you want to put it, I think it’s been stunted.”

“I’d like to be a part of it, to see behind the scenes of everything. No, there’s too big of a target on you that even when you do nothing wrong. You will do something wrong.” – Sam

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