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Are you tired of celebrity podcasts dominating the podcast platforms? In this episode of “Three Fates Decide,” we discuss celebrities starting their own podcasts and the pros and cons of this trend. Our hosts express their frustration with the lack of effort and substance in celebrity podcasts. They highlight the hard work that goes into producing their own amateur podcast. They discuss the importance of listening, asking good questions, and engaging in follow-up conversations.

Join us as we explore the world of podcasting and share our aspirations to become successful “professional” podcasters. Don’t miss out on this thought-provoking discussion that challenges the cookie-cutter format of celebrity podcasts and advocates for genuine, interesting conversations. Tune in to “Three Fates Decide” for their take on the world of podcasting.

  • Hosts dislike celebrity podcasts
  • Celebrities gain following easily
  • Podcasting taken over by celebrities
  • Difficulty for non-celebrities to gain following
  • Unique concept of Pod Crushers
  • Celebrity podcasts lack substance
  • Importance of hard work and dedication
  • Issue with celebrities lacking interviewing experience
  • Importance of listening and engaging
  • Frustration with self-centered hosts
  • Desire to improve amateur podcast
  • Pros and cons of celebrity podcasts
  • Aspirations to interview famous actors
  • Questioning motives behind celebrity podcasts

Key Points

Celebrities and non-celebrities alike have used fan fiction as an outlet for creativity and anonymity – even some of the world’s most famous stars!

Relive your awkward teen years with celebrities on Pod Crushers, a unique and fresh podcast concept that offers an exciting alternative to the same old celebrity podcast format.

With their natural wit, razor-sharp timing and ability to think on their feet, comedians make for outstanding podcast hosts. They offer audiences a winning combination of pre-planned content and improvisational flair.

Surprisingly, many celebrity podcasts miss the mark. They feature intrusive hosts, unoriginal content, and a lack of focus on their star guests.

Despite their privilege, celebrities often struggle to produce a successful show due to lack of interesting content to maintain audience attention – a problem that many podcasters know all too well.

The three hosts aim to record an episode together at a panel at New York Comic Con.

Over the past year, celebrity podcasts have boomed in popularity, leaving amateur podcasters struggling to keep up with the competition.

Uncover the untold secrets of Hollywood’s elite with Inside the Actor Studio’s thoughtful approach to interviewing – probing deeply with questions to reveal remarkable insights!

Experience true surprise and awe as you watch celebrities squirm when they face the tough and unexpected questions from the ‘Hot Ones’ host!

From A-list celebrities to everyday influencers, podcasting has become an incredibly lucrative way to monetize their influence to audiences worldwide.


“And we put blood, sweat, and tears into it. And we’re still small compared to some celebrity that on a whim, decides, oh, let’s just jump on the podcast craze.”

“Their guests that they have are celebrities. They can get celebrities on there. And that’s what causes people to start listening.”

“I think the only thing at this point that we still have going for us is fan fiction.”

“All three of us will one day get together and go to lunch, go to dinner, do something.” – Mary

“amateur stuff is so much better than the professional because it shows how much work we put in and effort that we put in” – Sam

“Part of the frustration is that we do put in a lot of work ourselves to produce every episode.” – Liz

“She’s not for everybody. I will admit. She is not for everybody” – Mary (talking about Chelsea Handler)

“If you’re bringing on a guest, that episode should be about said guest, not you.” – Sam

“Not everybody wants to live in LA. I mean, a lot of really good movies and TV shows and things are being produced in European countries.” – Mary

“Meanwhile, these people, it’s like, they probably have an assistant working out, like, oh, who’s available to do the interview next week or whatever.”

“He researches these celebrities and he pulls these questions. He gets these questions that are just they’ve never been asked before.” – Sam

“That would not be an edited one. That would be we just throw it up. There’s no editing this.” – Mary

“Is it just another outlet for them to reach potential fans and get more people and more money in their pocket?” – Sam

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