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In the latest episode of Three Fates Decide, we delve into the intricate relationship between China & Hollywood. We talk about the impact of China’s strict censorship laws on Hollywood films and their success.

– The podcast discusses Hollywood’s relationship with China and how it impacts the entertainment industry.
– China’s strict censorship laws and government control over content are major factors in the relationship.
– Foreign movie markets, particularly China, have a significant impact on Hollywood’s content and production decisions.
– Chinese-funded productions and co-productions, as well as Chinese actors and directors, are becoming more influential in the global movie industry.
– The concept of communism in China is discussed, including its potential benefits and drawbacks.

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Key Points

The Chinese government is aggressively censoring Oscar-nominated films. It suppresses any content that challenges their ideological agenda.

In China, criticism is a serious attack on one’s dignity and reputation.

The Chinese government’s iron-fisted control of media and entertainment has had a chilling effect on Hollywood. It’s altering the content produced for worldwide audiences.

Hollywood’s relentless pursuit of profit has led to a stifling of creativity. This resulted in a market saturated with formulaic, unoriginal movies.

Action movies have become a global phenomenon, generating billions of dollars in international box office sales.

Chinese investments heavily influence the content in Hollywood films.

By casting Hollywood actors in the Chinese-language movie ‘Great Wall’, the film-makers sought to draw in Western viewers and create a blockbuster hit.

With its captivating visuals and straightforward story, ‘Great Wall’, became a remarkable success in the massive global movie market.

Hollywood films must comply with China’s stringent censorship laws.

The Chinese government’s stringent censorship of “superstitious” and politically sensitive content has resulted in a significant decline in the number of foreign films released in the country.


– “You want to present to the world a good impression, a good image of yourself. But sometimes it gets to an extreme point where any kind of criticism is seen as almost an insult to your identity.”

– “Well, okay, you’re a director and you’re criticizing our society. Therefore the best way to punish you if you will instead of doing something drastic like throwing you in jail, which is like using a sledgehammer on the problem, you do it more subtly.”

“China is very restrictive. They control everything, including what type of content people are allowed to watch.”

“Seems like it’s almost like you don’t want to say anything about anything when it comes to China and their territories.” – Liz

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