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Discover the raw and emotional stories of how COVID-19 has impacted lives around the world on the latest episode of “Three Fates Decide”. Join the hosts as they share personal experiences of losing loved ones to the virus and the challenges of not being able to say goodbye in person. With power words such as “devastating impact” and “emotional toll”, the podcast provides a powerful insight into the effects of the pandemic on families and the healthcare system. 

Topic: The COVID-19 Pandemic and its Impact
– Personal experiences of losing loved ones to COVID-19
– Emotional toll and challenges of not being able to say goodbye in person
– Impact on daily life, including remote work and mental health
– Concerns about reopening process and politicization of the pandemic
– Comparison to successful control measures in New Zealand and mask-wearing customs in Asia
– Importance of taking responsibility for actions and getting vaccinated.

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Key Points

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the sudden and unexpected loss of beloved family members. This has left many with little time to say goodbye or cope with their grief.

Reusable face masks with eye-catching designs have skyrocketed in popularity. It’s becoming a must-have accessory for fashion-forward individuals everywhere.

As the effects of COVID-19 ripple through our lives, the devastating reality of cancelled funerals, shattered routines, and heightened fear has become all too clear.

Due to their stubbornness and refusal to adhere to shutdowns, an alarming number of Americans tragically lost their lives.

America’s blatant disregard for global health protocols has enabled the rapid spread of the virus.

Despite the unprecedented disruption caused by the COVID-19 shutdowns, setting a timeline for any project during this period has been a notoriously difficult task. Many organizations find their plans derailed by the ever-changing circumstances.

By wearing face masks, people in Asia are four times more likely to protect themselves from airborne germs and pollution than those in other parts of the world. Wearing masks are a vital tool in global health and safety.

India is experiencing alarming rates of non-compliance with mask-wearing protocols.

With its sparse population, a rural community may have provided limited protection from contagious illnesses. However, its inhabitants were still forced to endure the emotionally-draining effects of social isolation.


“None of us could go to either funeral because we’re up here in New York and nobody’s going anywhere, really.”

– “If we had just shut down for like a couple of weeks, a month or whatever, and seen what happens, and I think we would have been in better shape.” – Sam

– “Honestly, I don’t think anybody was right. No matter what. You had a, uh, second wave or a third wave. And uh, it’s just been a crazy time.”

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