Episode 100 – Free Talk

Show Notes

Our episode 100 is another free talk! Join this celebration of our journey, from a random idea to a weekly podcast. We’ve faced personal challenges, but taking breaks has allowed us to regroup and come back stronger. Self-care is our priority, ensuring we continue creating quality content for you.

In this milestone episode, we reveal our plan to include a monthly true crime segment, satisfying your hunger for gripping mysteries. We’ll also mix in current entertainment topics and occasionally record solo episodes, although we admit the best episodes are when all three of us are present.

In a vulnerable moment, Liz opens up about her recent diagnosis with endometrial cancer. She shares her journey, from symptoms to diagnosis, emphasizing the importance of seeking medical attention. Her decision for a full hysterectomy has seemingly removed the cancer, and she urges listeners to prioritize their health.

Our conversation delves into addiction, the impact on families, and mental health. We share personal anecdotes, shedding light on our own emotional journeys. And let’s not forget Sam’s dream of becoming actors and voiceover artists. We’re taking steps towards our goals, attending workshops and recording demos.

Also, we explore societal expectations of beauty, the challenges faced by actresses, and the casting process in movies. We admire those who defy expectations, like Tom Cruise, while also questioning the predictability of celebrity PR relationships.

We discuss our show’s focus, the challenges of producing, and express our gratitude for you, our incredible listeners. We’re constantly improving, learning new techie skills to enhance our episodes.

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In This Episode

  • Reflecting on 100th episode journey
  • Challenges in personal lives affecting podcast
  • Importance of self-care and avoiding burnout
  • Plan to include monthly true crime episodes
  • Mixing in current entertainment topics
  • Difficulty in recording solo episodes
  • Teasing future health-related topic
  • Host’s experience with endometrial cancer
  • Importance of seeking medical attention
  • Opting for full hysterectomy
  • Host’s experience with tumor and surgery
  • Impact of addiction on families
  • Concerns for someone struggling with addiction
  • Personal experiences with losing pets
  • Pursuing dream of voiceover acting
  • Attending voice acting workshop
  • Recording first commercial demo
  • Discussing personal lives and dreams
  • Meeting someone from online in person
  • Perceptions of people based on voices
  • Societal expectations of beauty
  • Challenges faced by actresses
  • Importance of mindset in acting business
  • Casting process in movies
  • Tom Cruise and his talent and stunts
  • Excitement for New York Comic Con
  • Attending event and booking photo ops
  • Celebrity PR relationships
  • Show not focused on celebrity gossip
  • Challenges of producing the show
  • Gratitude for listeners and growing support
  • Marketing efforts and future plans
  • Social media presence and YouTube visualizers

Key Points

After being diagnosed with endometrial cancer, Liz underwent a successful hysterectomy to remove the tumor and reclaim her life.

Despite the daunting challenges, those who strive to pursue their passions, such as acting, must remain resilient and cultivate realistic expectations to ensure they don’t succumb to the pressure of social success.

Unexpectedly, after a remarkable journey of dedication and evolution, the hosts of the podcast celebrated an astonishing accomplishment – the release of their 100th episode!

Addiction is a serious and devastating illness, and without proper understanding and support, it can have devastating consequences. With the right approach, however, we can empower those suffering from addiction to find a path towards recovery.

Addiction is an insidious and devastating affliction that can strike without warning – yet it takes tremendous courage and determination to overcome.

Sam is dedicatedly pursuing her dream of becoming a successful voiceover actress, having already recorded her first commercial demo and setting her sights on expanding into animation and video game acting.

The relentless repetition of Hollywood PR relationships and celebrity gossip cycles creates a powerful sense of déjà vu, trapping us in an endless cycle of the same stories.

The entertainment industry’s pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards has had a devastating impact on women’s careers, with many facing pressure to undergo drastic physical transformations.

With an astonishing 7600 downloads and an average of 44 weekly listeners, our podcast is gratefully experiencing a remarkable growth in its audience!

RSS.com’s revolutionary audio-visualizer feature is transforming the way content creators engage viewers on YouTube, with an astonishing 25% increase in views for audio files converted to visualizers!


“Anyone who owns pets and knows they’re not just pets, they’re family. She was my baby, and I still get emotional sometimes and miss her because she was like my soulmate.” – Sam

“But now all is well with my two girls. Gracie has adopted Maggie almost as her own kitten. He’s very protective of her, especially when it comes to the dog.” – Sam

“Everybody has their looks. Everybody’s looks are different and everybody has their own insecurities and their looks. But I think everybody is beautiful or handsome.”

“So I wouldn’t do that to somebody else. Me too. I got you. But that’s like part of the reason why some of these celebrity women or want to be celebrity women who are trying to become celebrities or whatever and they do what they consider is the iconic beauty regimen or whatever and it’s just no, half the time they come out looking worse than what they went in with.” – Sam

“Assuming that AMPTP will go back to the negotiating tables and offer a decent deal to the actors and the writers fully get Ewan McGregor and Chris Evans still showing up this year.” – Liz

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