Episode 50 – Another Free Talk… and an Announcement

Show Notes

On this episode, the hosts celebrate their 50th show with another free talk episode! The conversation is freestyle, with no planned discussion, and the hosts are interrupted by one of their dogs wanting chicken. However, the speakers go on to touch on two different topics.

The first being how the attitude of the past can shape the present and future, especially in terms of bullying. The second topic is about a lifestyle change and maintaining a healthy weight. The speakers also discuss their personal experiences with health and fitness, emphasizing the importance of taking care of oneself both physically and mentally. They even delve into the ongoing trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, and the role of public relations in managing celebrity images during times of crisis.

They touch on the importance of sleep and how they cope with disruptive noises like thunderstorms. The episode concludes with an announcement that the podcast will be returning in July. Listeners are invited to share topics they would like to hear in future episodes. Join the Three Fates Decide community and share your thoughts today!

  • The hosts announce a hiatus after 50 episodes in a year
  • They invite listeners to suggest topics for future episodes
  • They briefly discuss TV show reviews and movie reviews
  • One host shares her daughter’s school plans and the importance of class size
  • The hosts discuss their personal experiences with weight loss and fitness
  • They talk about the ongoing Johnny Depp trial and the role of public relations
  • The hosts plan to update their opener and encourage listener feedback
  • They discuss their plans for the hiatus, including writing and relaxing
  • They talk about coping with disruptive noises during sleep, like thunderstorms
  • The episode concludes with an announcement that the podcast will return in July.

Key Points

Ignite your creativity and skyrocket your writing potential – with a break to focus on writing, you could be the next published author on Medium!

Although taking precautions is important, the risk of contracting COVID-19 still remains. It makes it essential to get tested and vigilantly monitor for symptoms to help curb its spread.

Despite facing public scrutiny and backlash, Amber Heard’s legal battle with Johnny Depp has galvanized public support for her side of the story.

Recent studies have revealed that 1 in 5 adults in the United States will experience a mental health challenge in any given year, highlighting the urgent need to destigmatize and prioritize mental health discussions.

Interacting with your listeners is essential for creating a successful podcast – and can drastically increase your reach and engagement!


“I did hit my target, actually. So it’s just naturally, like, yoyoing, like a pound or two.” – Liz

“If you’re just focusing on losing the weight, you’re just going to think, oh, I hit the weight that I was hitting, and then I just go back to the way I was living.”

“It is something that years ago you didn’t talk about, it was a taboo and it’s really come very open now.” – Sam

“She’s not a psychiatrist, she’s a psychologist. And they’re like, well you’re not board certified.” – Mary

“We won’t be gone forever. I think the three of us, we all just need a little bit of a break from this and take some time to, uh, relax.” – Sam

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