Episode 75 Free Talk

Show Notes

Join the Three Fates Decide podcast as they celebrate their 75th episode with another free talk episode. In this episode, they reflect on their growth and thank their listeners for their support. The conversation covers a variety of topics, from their recent travels to Canada, their experiences with tour companies in Europe, and their struggles with recurring sinus infections. They also share their personal stories about dealing with unexpected health issues, including a cat’s cancer diagnosis and the importance of seeking medical care for pets.

Despite the challenges, the hosts maintain a positive outlook and offer tips for attending celebrity events like New York Comic Con. Don’t miss out on this casual conversation with no specific topic, but plenty of entertainment value. Tune in to the Three Fates Decide podcast and be part of the celebration of their 75th episode.

  • Celebrating 75th episode
  • Reflection and gratitude
  • Travel experiences in Canada
  • Travel experiences in Europe
  • Dealing with recurring sinus infections
  • Personal health issues and work stress
  • Caring for sick pets
  • Financial strain of pet care
  • Attending New York Comic Con
  • Disorganized celebrity events
  • Hoping for a boring 2023
  • Uplifting stories and future plans.

Key Points

Despite the hefty financial burden, Sam is determined to do everything possible to give their beloved cat the best chance of beating their large cell lymphoma diagnosis.

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Mary and Sam have both been tested for COVID-19 multiple times, with each result coming back definitively negative.

Having taken on the director role out of a sense of duty to the students, Sam is now feeling overwhelmed and is desperately seeking relief from the burdensome task.

Despite its highly-anticipated lineup, New York Comic Con was shockingly disorganized, leaving attendees Liz and Sam disappointed.

The unique strain of strep bacteria that has caused a debilitating sinus infection in our family has been an unrelenting challenge to overcome.

Attending celebrity-filled conventions can be an overwhelming experience, especially when compounded by the risks of overbooking and jet lag.


“It’s not mine, thank God, because I’ve never actually seen that movie, and we’re not going to get it in my head, so good.” – Mary

“I think collectively though, our favorite part of the trip was actually Montreal. It was very nice. Food was excellent.” – Liz

“I have been sick since September. Since September. It is now almost December, I remember. And I still have a sinus infection.” – Mary

“Do I really do that to them when they’ve been in guard since 6th grade? Do I allow this whole program to just completely die out on them? Or do I step in, try and find someone to take over and then tire like I want to? So again, I went for the children.” – Sam

“I suspect because of the fact that we had the pandemic, they had to limit the number of people that could come in last year… When they restarted it, I think they were trying to overcompensate this year by overbooking the number of people who can do those things.” – Liz

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