Generations and Decade

Episode 4 – Generations and Decades | Show Notes Welcome to the Three Fates Decide podcast, where three women opine on pop culture and everything in between. In our latest episode, we delve into the main idea of generational differences and the impact of technology on our lives. But that’s not all. We also … Read more

WandaVision (Part 2)

Episode 3 – Wandavision (Part 2) | Show Notes Attention Marvel fans! Get ready to dive deep into the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe “phase” in the latest episode of Three Fates Decide. This episode focuses on the highly anticipated WandaVision TV series, the delay of Black Widow movie, and the potential for characters like … Read more

WandaVision (Part 1)

Episode 2 – WandaVision (Part 1) | Show Notes Attention Marvel fans! Are you still reeling from the recent completion of the epic WandaVision series? Do you crave insights into the hidden meanings behind the commercials and potential plotlines for upcoming Marvel productions? Look no further than Three Fates Decide! Join us as we … Read more

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Episode 1 – Let Us Introduce Ourselves | Show Notes Introducing “The Three Fates Decide” podcast, where three women – Mary, Sam and Liz – share their opinions on a variety of topics. In their debut episode, they discuss their diverse backgrounds and interests. These include reading, writing, and their day jobs in the … Read more

This Website Sure Looks Different

So for those of you who are new to this website, welcome! Pardon the proverbial dust as the website is under construction. Quite literally just last night I started re-building this website. So back in December 2021, I had purchased the hosting space, domain name, etc. for our show. You can check out the website … Read more

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