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Looking for a podcast that will satisfy your cravings for thoughtful discussions on pop culture and food? Look no further than Three Fates Decide! In our latest episode, our hosts dive into their favorite dishes and the challenges of dieting, tackling topics like the importance of salad dressings, the nutritional value of snacks like jalapeno chips, and the struggle to balance carbs and protein.

With conversations ranging from the difference between pork roll and Taylor Ham to their love for banh mi sandwiches, the hosts bring their unique perspectives to every topic. Plus, they share recipes for delicious sweet treats and offer tips for making the perfect fried rice. Don’t miss this free-flowing and engaging conversation about all things food on Three Fates Decide. Tune in now!

  • Favorite dishes & diet struggles
  • Nutritional value of snacks
  • Importance of potassium
  • Dessert preferences
  • Coffee & sweet treats
  • Balancing carbs & protein
  • Different names for food
  • Trying new foreign cuisine
  • Love for banh mi sandwiches
  • Soup preferences
  • Using chopsticks & making fried rice
  • Meat & noodle dishes
  • Thanksgiving food preferences
  • Love for snacks & spicy food
  • Cravings for Mexican food
  • Sweet & savory combinations
  • Importance of salt in cooking.

Key Points

Surprising to many, the speakers showed a wide variety of food preferences – from salty snacks to sweet desserts, from hearty lunches to light baked goods like muffins.

Cold coffee drinks offer an exceptionally refreshing, flavorful experience that hot drinks simply can’t match!

Known as a New Jersey classic, the passionate debate between Taylor Ham and Pork Roll is an age-old culinary curiosity that has tantalized taste buds across the nation.

Enjoy delicious fried rice with added flavor and texture – by using leftover rice that has been refrigerated overnight and dried, your fried rice will become irresistibly crisp, savory, and tantalizingly flavorful when combined with the perfect combination of soy sauce and other sauces!

[0:40:08] Soba noodles are an incredibly nutritious, low-calorie alternative to traditional noodles due to their high fiber content from buckwheat – a nutrient-rich, whole grain!

Indulge yourself this Thanksgiving with a savory feast of unforgettable flavor combinations, such as oyster, beef, and sausage stuffing, and a homemade Chex mix with garlic seasoning!

By repurposing restaurant leftovers into delicious soups, you can not only reduce food waste, but also experience a whole new level of culinary creativity!

Asian cultures, in particular, have a centuries-old tradition of slurping down flavorful noodles and savoring spicy soups with deftly-used chopsticks.


“As healthy as they are for you, a lot of them are bland or not anything special flavor wise about them. So it’s the dressing that saves it.”

“I’m very cautious when it comes to food because based on texture and things like that, I could actually get sick.” – Sam

“One of my dreams is to travel the world and, uh, get heavily involved in other cultures. And obviously, huge thing in cultures is food.” – Sam

“That’s why when I order food, if I see lamb is an option on the menu, I’m totally going to order it because that’s the only way.” – Liz

“All it is, it’s like a, um, baguette styled bread. So it’s like almost as long as a foot long kind of sandwich, like from Subway that kind of length.” – Liz

“Because it’s like what my mom will do is she’ll obviously have whatever the protein is. And then there’s like vegetables, mushrooms, certain ones. She may add some juju bees in it.” – Liz

“Don’t get me wrong, I like both, but it really depends on the mood. Of course. Sweet and salty is, like, the best.” – Mary

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