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Join us on Three Fates Decide as we revisit the topic of Halloween! This time around, Liz takes you on a solo journey, exploring interesting Halloween-themed episodes from the past and sharing personal recommendations for the spooky season. She’ll take you back to our episodes covering personal Halloween memories, phobias, the infamous Black Dahlia, zombies, Jeffrey Dahmer, werewolves, vampires, the Alex Murdoff murders, Ted Bundy, and John Wayne Gacy. If true crime or horror intrigues you, you’ll want to tune in!

In this freewheeling episode, Liz also shares her personal picks for the Halloween season. From Stephen King’s novel adaptations and Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thrillers to the haunting tale of Rebecca by Daphne de Maury, she’s got you covered. Not a fan of gore? Don’t worry, she leans more towards thrillers and suspense too, with a preference for true crime and mystery. You’ll also get her top three YouTube channels for true crime, with links provided in the show notes. Get ready to check out some bone-chilling content with Liz on Three Fates Decide. You won’t want to miss it!


0:02:29 – October Episodes (113 Seconds)
0:05:52 – Alfred Hitchcock and Rebecca (175 Seconds)
0:12:57 – Discovering a True Crime Channel (94 Seconds)

October Episodes | 0:02:29 – 0:04:22 (113 Seconds)

So last year, for the month of October, we actually did four whole episodes related to either horror or true crime. So we have episode 64. We did an episode on the tragic death of the infamous Black Dahlia. Episode 65, we discussed zombies. We talked about the origin of zombies as a concept and we also discussed various types of zombie movies. Then, episode 66, we discussed the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer. Then in episode 67, we had a conversation about werewolves and vampires. That turned out to be a combined episode of the two different types of monsters slash supernatural creatures, mainly because in more recent years we’ve seen an increase in having different types of media that use the concept of werewolves versus vampires. So it just made sense to do an episode where we combine the two things.

And episode 78, mary and Sam had a discussion about the dramatized series about Jeffrey Dahmer, which is a follow up to the earlier episode about Jeffrey Dahmer himself, and then earlier in 2023, sam did solo episodes discussing the infamous Alex Murdaugh murders that tragically happened. There was a Netflix documentary about it that she discussed in episode 86. And then she did a follow up with episode 88 about the actual trial, the core cases that happened. And then in episode 93, we had a discussion about Ted Bundy and then in episode 102, not too long ago, we actually had a conversation about John Wayne Gacy.

Alfred Hitchcock and Rebecca | 0:05:52 – 0:08:47 (175 Seconds)

I have yet to read the book, though I’ve been meaning to, and the funny thing about that is that actually, in a way, what makes Carrie a really good horror story is the fact that, as a woman, as like someone who is biologically female, as someone who identifies as being female, so many things about that story is so relatable and I’m sure for a lot of you who also are biologically female and also identify as female, there are many things about Carrie’s story that would resonate with you and it’s really fascinating how some of those things that a lot of us who are female or identify as female deal with a lot of this crap in our own lives and it got turned into a horror story, which there’s a lot to unpack there, but that is not this episode.

I also would recommend if you haven’t watched any of them are some of the Alfred Hitchcock movies. If you also enjoy classic movies or you’re interested in exploring classic movies when you’ve never really watched them before, I definitely recommend them. Not all of them are horror movies, but there are some that border into horror and a lot of them are just straight up fascinating, fun thriller movies that anybody could enjoy. One good example is, of course, Psycho. Psycho is a very good one. It manages to be a murder mystery horror type of movie without being particularly gory. Another really good movie it’s not really a horror movie, but another good Hitchcock movie that I also enjoyed watching was North by Northwest. That’s more of a mystery thriller type of movie, but that one’s a good one, but any of the Hitchcock movies work.

Another excellent movie and also a book that I would also recommend if you want to read, like some of the more spooky mystery thriller types versus just straight up horror, is Rebecca by Daphne de Maury. Both the book and the various adaptations that exist, I recommend. It’s one of those haunting stories where you have the narrator finding herself in the middle of a strange mystery when she gets married to this man who is a widower and when she goes to his home because he is pretty wealthy and he has his own estate she goes to his home, manderley, and she finds herself in a complete mystery because there is a metaphorical ghost haunting Manderley and haunting the inhabitants, as a word, of Manderley, and you get into the mystery about, like why that is and who this proverbial ghost is. But if you haven’t checked out that story yet, you should definitely check that one out.

Discovering a True Crime Channel | 0:12:57 – 0:14:31 (94 Seconds)

You know about the case and I would say one of the big reasons why I even discovered her channel was actually because of the very tragic case that happened earlier this year Abby Choi, who was a model slash internet celebrity, slash socialite from Hong Kong, and her very tragic death. And Stephanie’s podcast was one of the few podcasts or YouTube channels that I was able to find that really discussed that particular case, because I had heard some bits of the story from different news media outlets, particularly Chinese based news media. But Stephanie and the researchers she worked with for that particular story really did a very good job, deep dive, explaining who Abby was, who the perpetrators of her murder were and potentially why they may have done that terrible crime. And from there I wound up watching more and more of the different episodes she’s done and I would say she is a really good true crime channel that you should definitely check out if you’re interested in that sort of thing and, like I said, she also covers cases that as someone who’s an American would not necessarily have ever heard of. So that’s what makes her channel really interesting and worth checking out. That’s about it.

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