Halloween 2021

Show Notes

Looking for an entertaining and spooky way to celebrate Halloween? Look no further than the latest episode of Three Fates Decide, where the hosts share their favorite activities surrounding the holiday, local legends and ghost stories from Ohio, New York, and New Jersey, and delve into the world of horror movies and haunted attractions. From Alfred Hitchcock’s psychological thrillers to the origins of the zombie in Haitian voodoo tradition, this episode covers it all. With personal experiences and beliefs in the haunted nature of certain locations and stories, the hosts bring a unique perspective to the discussion of local legends and ghost stories.

Plus, stay tuned for their upcoming Thanksgiving special. Don’t forget to share your feedback and thoughts with the hosts on their podcast. Listen now and get in the Halloween spirit!

Topic: Halloween, Horror Movies, and Local Legends

  1. Introduction to the Three Fates Decide podcast episode
  2. Discussion of Halloween activities and local legends from Ohio, New York, and New Jersey
  3. Favorite Halloween movies and horror movie genres
  4. Horror movies based on true events and relating to different aspects of a story
  5. Effective use of music in horror movies
  6. Haunted locations in different states, including Mansfield Asylum and the West Virginia State Penitentiary
  7. Walking tours in New York highlighting haunted places
  8. Enjoying being scared and difficulty finding time to visit haunted attractions
  9. Local legends and ghost stories, including the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire and the Mothman
  10. The origin of the zombie in Haitian voodoo tradition and its portrayal in Hollywood
  11. Conclusion and request for feedback.

Key Points

Experience the terror and delight of Halloween with two classic films: Hocus Pocus and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The iconic Scream franchise has captivated audiences for decades by masterfully blending the horror, thriller, crime drama, and mystery genres.

For those looking for an intense, thrilling experience, Stephen King movies provide an unmatched combination of psychological depth and hair-raising suspense!

Striking terror deep into the hearts of audiences everywhere, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho revolutionized the horror genre with its masterful use of haunting music and artful framing – without relying on graphic violence or gore.

Explore the spine-tingling depths of Mansfield Asylum and West Virginia State Penitentiary, two of the most notoriously haunted locations in the United States.

Legend has it that the ghostly cries of long-forgotten criminals still haunt Washington Square Park, a former potter’s field and execution site that remains one of New York’s most chilling, blood-soaked sites.

Explore the spine-chilling origins of iconic monsters like the Banshee and Zombie with Storied, the captivating YouTube channel from PBS!

Zombies have long been used as a powerful metaphor to represent the dehumanizing effects of enslavement, symbolizing the loss of autonomy and freedom.


“And at the end, uh, the husband just can’t stand it anymore and he finally untied the ribbon and her head fell off. Yeah.” – Sam

“I know some people will have heard of both of these places, most likely. Right? Because actually Mountainsville, if I remember, Mountainsville Penitentiary was actually featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters.” – Mary

“Supposedly, his ghost, um, Thomas Carr’s ghost wanders around the same area that he murdered Louisa at.” – Mary

“Stories say, though, is that sometimes at night you will see a mysterious orb floating over the lake where they believe it’s her ghost haunting the lake.”

“It literally led to public safety regulations that still impact us 100 something years today.” – Liz

“The original concept of the zombie is not actually an undead monster eating brains and stuff like that. It’s basically a metaphor almost, of slavery.” – Liz

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