Harry and Meghan

Show Notes

Step into the world of pop culture with Three Fates Decide. In our latest episode, we dive deep into the Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary series and the scandal surrounding the royal couple. Joined by guests Jennifer and Sarah, we discuss the ongoing drama surrounding the couple and the many revelations made beyond the documentary series. We explore the controversy surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s exit from the royal family.

We express skepticism about the claims of racism and bullying made by the couple and criticize the one-sided nature of the media coverage. Our conversation includes topics such as physical touch, privacy, and Meghan’s pregnancy, and we explore the inconsistencies in Meghan and Harry’s statements. Join us for an exciting and thought-provoking discussion on the main idea of our episode.

  • Harry & Meghan docu-series scandal
  • Ongoing drama since 2016-17
  • Controversy surrounding exit
  • Criticism of media coverage
  • Harry’s mommy issues
  • Predictions of regret and divorce
  • Critique of media appearances
  • Racism towards Meghan
  • Refusal to compromise with Royal Family
  • Importance of preparing for meetings
  • Attitudes towards physical touch
  • Rift between Harry and William
  • Move to Southern California
  • Arranging for paparazzi photos
  • Financial situation and controversy
  • Trending hashtags
  • Inconsistencies in claims
  • Feud with royal family
  • Meghan’s pregnancy and appearance
  • Legal battle with half-sister
  • Inconsistencies in Harry’s statements
  • Struggles with trauma and PTSD
  • Meghan’s knowledge of the royal family
  • Prince Andrew’s alleged involvement
  • Speculation on future relationship with royal family

Key Points

The highly-anticipated Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary unleashed a torrent of controversy – with claims of exaggeration and fabrication intensifying the drama.

Despite receiving harsh criticism for its one-sided, whiny, and tedious format, the series still managed to captivate audiences with its unique take on the subject matter.

The undeniable truth is that Meghan’s refusal to conform to traditional royal protocol, rather than racism, was the primary factor in her and Harry’s decision to leave the monarchy.

Meghan has endured racism throughout her life, yet she has continuously leveraged her white-passing privilege to her advantage for years.


“They have caught themselves in lies because they forget what they’ve said, and then they contradict themselves down the line. Again, it’s ridiculous.”

“And the problem is that Harry, unfortunately, I think a lot of this stems from his mother’s death… I think this just screams mommy issues.” – Speaker 4

“He’s selling his truth, which is a completely different story than sitting down one on one with a respectable reporter and telling your story… That leaves a very awful taste in my mouth.” – Speaker 3

“I will never deny that [Megan] probably has experienced some racism…But she has used the fact that she is white passing for years.” – Mary

“They wanted to be part-time royal family members, so they basically still got the benefits without having to put in so much work.” – Speaker 4

“Where are the pictures? If that is actually occurring, where are they? You’re such a hot commodity that all these paparazzi are chasing you. Where is the evidence? There is none.” – Speaker 4

“If you have not gotten any of these little details right, why on earth should any of us believe that you got the details of what happened between you and your family right?” – Speaker 3

“I just never understand how people can listen to one side of a story and just be like, yes, that’s it. The royal family is a bunch of racist bullies.” – Speaker 4

“Families have issues. All families have issues. But if you’re both estranged from your families, only common denominator is the two of you.” – Speaker 3

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