Hollywood Strikes

Show Notes

Join us on the latest episode of “Three Fates Decide” as we dive into the pressing issues surrounding the recent Hollywood strikes by the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA. We tackle the challenges faced by industry professionals, from working conditions to compensation structure and threats to jobs, including those related to AI.

This episode also tackles the misconception that all actors live lavish lifestyles, highlighting the hardworking individuals who contribute to the industry without receiving the same recognition or compensation. We address the limitations placed on SAG-AFTRA members during the strike, including promotional activities like appearing on podcasts.

Then we delve into the recent absence of actors at San Diego Comic Con due to ongoing contract disputes, expressing concern for the future of conventions and showing support for actors fighting for their rights. We discuss the importance of promotional appearances for actors and commend the solidarity shown by A-list celebrities.

While hoping for a swift resolution to the strike, we recognize the validity of the actors’ concerns regarding streaming platforms and the eerie nature of AI technology. We defend the passion and dedication of actors, rejecting the notion that they should settle for inadequate pay.

This episode underscores the lack of alternative career options for those dedicated to creative industries and the hardships faced by actors, crew members, and writers. We advocate for solidarity and the need to hold the major players accountable for fair compensation.

Join us as we discuss the ongoing strikes in Hollywood, its impact on actors worldwide, and our hopes for a timely resolution. Stay tuned for future episodes and find us on various platforms to continue the conversation.

The Issues We Discuss

Streaming platforms have only exacerbated these concerns, with writers and actors struggling to receive fair payment. We shed light on the issue of actors receiving minimal residuals from streaming giants like Netflix, while production company CEOs rake in significant profits.

The impact of streaming on the film industry is undeniable, with decreased box office revenues and its subsequent effect on financial compensation for actors, writers, and other professionals. We also discuss the plight of B-list actors and background actors who often work paycheck-to-paycheck and do not receive royalties from streaming platforms.

COVID-19 has further compounded these challenges, with writers expressing concerns about compensation for residuals and the looming threat of AI. We rally behind the ongoing strike by SAG-AFTRA, recognizing the frustrations and the need for action.

In This Episode

  • Recent strikes by Writers Guild of America and-SAG AFTRA address working conditions and compensation structure
  • Rise of streaming platforms amplifies concerns of fair payment for writers and actors
  • Actors receiving low residuals from streaming platforms like Netflix
  • Impact of streaming on box office revenues and financial compensation for industry professionals
  • Financial struggles of B-list actors and background actors in the entertainment industry

Key Points

The SAG-AFTRA strike began recently, impacting the entertainment industry.

Writers were demanding better working conditions, fair compensation, and protection against AI taking their jobs.

The rise of streaming platforms brought financial hardships for writers and actors.

Writers were struggling financially due to insufficient payment from streaming services.

Writers and actors sought new contracts to secure fair compensation in the age of streaming.

TV show writers were not adequately compensated for their contributions.

The strike affects international actors and the global acting community.

The strike’s repercussions extend beyond America and impact the entire entertainment industry.


“So I think the Writers Guild strike wasn’t it in May? It got started.

“Yeah, it’s been about three months. All right, so, uh, May 2.”

“So WGA started their strike on May 2. I don’t remember what all their demands were.”

“It was, uh, working conditions, compensation structure, and threats to their jobs, um, obviously including AI.”

“Um, but yeah, the writers, I think their biggest thing is definitely payment. And a lot of the issues both with WGA and SAG come from the streaming, uh, stuff. This is a whole different world.”

“This affects the whole world. This isn’t just America, because actors from.”

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