Jeffrey Dahmer

Prison block like what Jeffrey Dahmer saw regularly
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Show Notes

In the latest episode of Three Fates Decide, the hosts delve into the potential romanticization of serial killers in entertainment, with a focus on the new Netflix series about Jeffrey Dahmer. Providing a trigger warning, they explore Dahmer’s early life, his crimes, and his imprisonment. They delve into Dahmer’s fascination with dead animals from a young age, his experimentation with alcohol and sexuality, and his fantasies of dominating a submissive partner.

The episode also includes a discussion of Dahmer’s conviction for 15 murders. These include his disturbing methods of luring victims, drugging and strangling them, and dismembering their bodies. The hosts raise questions about the actions of Dahmer’s probation officer and the lack of apartment checks. The podcast concludes with a discussion about the issue of romanticization of real-life murderers in movies and TV shows. Tune in now to Three Fates Decide and join the conversation.

In This Episode

  • New Netflix series on Jeffrey Dahmer.
  • Background on Dahmer’s life and crimes.
  • Trigger warning and no graphic details.
  • Discussion on Dahmer’s upbringing.
  • Dahmer’s first murder and imprisonment.
  • Dahmer’s struggle with alcoholism.
  • Dahmer’s early signs of fascination with dead animals.
  • Dahmer’s disturbing behavior and mental health issues.
  • Dahmer’s gruesome crimes and apartment checks.
  • Dahmer’s capture and tragic events surrounding it.
  • Dahmer’s ritual of posing victims’ bodies and necrophilia.
  • Dahmer’s trial, conviction, and sentencing.
  • Dahmer’s life and death in prison.
  • Controversy of romanticization of serial killers in entertainment.
  • Importance of showing respect and sensitivity towards victims and affected communities.

Key Points

Jeffrey Dahmer murdered and dismembered 17 innocent men and boys between 1978 and 1991. This cemented his place in history as one of America’s most heinous serial killers.

At the tender age of 18, Dahmer bludgeoned a hitchhiker to death with a hefty ten pound dumbbell, then dismembered the body in the basement of his home.

On November 28, 1994, Jeffrey Dahmer – notorious for his heinous crimes – was savagely beaten to death with a metal bar by a fellow inmate in an act of brutal retribution.

In 1988, a then-27-year-old Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested for sexually fondling a 13-year-old boy, after being asked to move out by his own grandmother.

Despite expressing suicidal thoughts and depression, Dahmer received no apartment checks while on probation, placing him in an incredibly vulnerable position.

Dahmer was found to be completely sane while carrying out his heinous acts of 15 brutal murders.

Despite their crimes, it is important to recognize the remarkable talent of actors who portray notorious figures such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy without glorifying their heinous acts.


“So, just slight, uh, background. I’m going to try and go through this slightly quickly, but it is kind of important, I think, to lay the groundwork as to how he became who he became.”

“Dahmer then started to have a fantasy of rendering an unconscious particular male jogger that he found really attractive and making sexual use of his body.”

“He states that he kind of woke up and noticed that his chest was kind of caved in, and he had blood all over him. So he must have battered him to death in a drunken stupor.”

“In an attempt to appease Dahmer, Edwards unbuttoned his shirt, saying he would allow him to take nude pictures if he would remove the handcuffs and put the knife away.”

“It was an incessant and never-ending desire to be with someone at whatever cost.” – Dahmer describing his compulsion to kill

“Jeffrey Dahmer was a despicable, despicable human being. He is not somebody that should ever, ever be romanticized or seen in a flattering light.”

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