John Wayne Gacy


This week on Three Fates Decide, we delve into the chilling story of John Wayne Gacy, the notorious killer clown. Convicted of 33 counts of murder, but there’s a lingering question—are there more victims? While most serial killers appear as ordinary individuals, a small subset tarnishes the reputation of men. Gacy’s life took a dark turn after he assaulted a young boy, leading to his conviction in 1968. There is an upcoming limited series on Peacock.

Paroled in 1971, he married again and worked in construction, unsuspected by those around him. Gacy’s victims ranged from acquaintances to unsuspecting travelers he lured from bus stations. With a chilling confession of at least 30 murders, the true extent of his crimes remains unknown. Join us as we uncover the horrifying truth behind Gacy’s twisted actions.

In This Episode

  • John Wayne Gacy: The Killer Clown
  • Repressed Homosexuality in Serial Killers
  • Gacy’s Marriage and High Life
  • Gacy’s Parole and Construction Career
  • Gacy’s Victims and Confessions

Key Points

He was convicted of 33 counts of murder. However, there could be more victims yet to be discovered.

All of his murders took place inside his house in Norwood Park, outside of Chicago.

He would lure victims to his house, where he would rape, torture, and kill them.

Gacy was married with children. Yet he was targeting male victims.


The bodies of Gacy’s victims were buried in different places, including underneath his house.

Gacy was sentenced to death and executed for his gruesome crimes. It brought an end to one of the most horrifying chapters in criminal history.

A witness from Gacy’s trial now has possession of his brain as part of the evidence.


We are going to continue with, uh, our true crime serial killer genre that we do every couple of episodes. And for this episode, we’re going to be focusing on John Wayne Gacy, also known as the killer clown.

He was a clown, and just clowns are creepy.

We’re not going to go too graphic into this, but the man was a sicko. He was convicted of 33 counts of murder, but they feel that there’s definitely more than 33. So it just has 33 plus. And then he was murdered in prison.

All of his murders took place inside of his ranch style house in Norwood Park, which is just outside of Chicago. And he would typically lure his victims into the home. He would dupe them into doning handcuffs on the pretext.

At this point, yeah, the kid did it. He lured Voorhees to a county park, sprayed his eyes with Mace, and then beat the crap out of him. And voorhees managed to escape.

He was transferred to the Menard Correction Center, and he remained on death row for 14 years in an isolated prison cell. On February 15, 1983, Henry Brisbane, a, uh, fellow death row inmate known as the I 57 Killer, stabbed Gacy in the arm with a sharpened wire.

In the sentencing phase, the jury deliberated for more than 2 hours before sentencing. Gacy to death for each murder committed after the Illinois Statute of Capital Punishment came into effect, his execution was set for June 2, 1980.

Our prayers, our sympathies, everyone that had to deal with that, I’m not going to obviously get into politically, whether or not you believe in the death penalty or not.

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