King Charles’s Coronation

Show Notes

In this week’s episode of Three Fates Decide, we dive into the recent coronation of King Charles III and the related events, such as the procession to Westminster Abbey for Prince Philip’s funeral, the Queen’s Jubilee, and the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Our hosts take you on a journey through British history, sharing fun facts and personal experiences of waking up early to watch the ceremony. We discuss the four stages involved in the coronation process and the historical significance of the British monarch’s coronation processions.

The podcast also touches on the hypothetical “what if” scenario if Prince Charles and Princess Diana had not divorced and the monarchy’s future, including the potential reshuffling of royal titles when William becomes king. Join us for a lively discussion. Subscribe now on your favorite streaming sites and social media platforms to stay updated with our latest episodes.

  • Coronation of King Charles III
  • Recent British monarchy events
  • Future of the monarchy
  • Historical significance of coronation processions
  • Stages of coronation ceremony
  • Queen Camilla’s role
  • Hypothetical scenario if Charles and Diana hadn’t divorced
  • Public opinion of the British monarchy
  • G7 summit attendees
  • Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee
  • Controversy of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leaving
  • Cost of Prince Charles’ coronation
  • Importance of family relationships
  • Potential title shuffling within the royal family

Key Points

There were thousands of brave servicemen and women, NHS and social care workers, and charitable volunteers in the crowd.

For over 1000 years, the coronation ceremony procession has symbolically affirmed the legitimacy of sovereigns, showcasing their power to the world.

Prince George proudly upheld a cherished family tradition by bearing his grandfather’s heavy velvet cloak as a page boy.

Millions watched King Charles III’s coronation. It marked a momentous occasion and ushering in a new era of English royalty – an event that will surely go down in history.

Plotting against the monarch was a dangerous endeavor, with dire consequences for those who dared to defy their sovereign’s authority.

Camilla was crowned with Queen Mary’s crown. This is despite Queen Mary’s staunch disapproval of scandalous family members,.

William and Kate’s popularity has seen the monarchy’s stature improve, restoring faith in the British monarchy after Diana and Charles’ unfortunate downfall.


“it’s supposed to be an act of public acknowledgment and legitimacy that this man that you’re watching parading through the street on the way to the coronation ceremony is your king.” – Liz

“There’s no real responsibilities that come with it, I suppose. But if I got invited to it, I’d be there.” – Speaker 3

“It’s a very spiritual thing. It’s special oil, and it’s only between the Archbishop of Canterbury and the king or whoever is being crowned.”

“He apparently said he remembered that he would see her practicing wearing the crown up and down the hallways.”

“And it stinks. Because of the royal family, he wasn’t allowed to be with the love of his life. But it just caused so much chaos.” – Sam

“She was not the perfect person everyone thought she was. She had her own demon, obviously had a lot of mental health issues that were not taken care of.”

“Kate looked gorgeous. She’s very regal and just she’s going to make such a beautiful queen when that happens.”

“What happened is you left and then attacked to the fullest extent. And we want privacy, but I’m going to put out a Netflix documentary, and I’m going to put out a book that is all your side.”

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