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Introducing “The Three Fates Decide” podcast, where three women – Mary, Sam and Liz – share their opinions on a variety of topics. In their debut episode, they discuss their diverse backgrounds and interests. These include reading, writing, and their day jobs in the medical and banking industries.

This podcast is sure to change the game. The hosts, who have never met in person, met through Tumblr and Discord. They aim to connect people virtually by discussing relatable topics. They discuss the impact of the pandemic, the importance of connections, and the dynamics of their own friendship. The podcasters also touch on the inconvenience of wearing masks during the pandemic. The hosts end the episode by discussing on fan theories surrounding the Marvel series WandaVision.

Join “The Three Fates Decide” podcast for a casual conversation that’s sure to make you feel like you’re chatting with your closest friends. Don’t miss out on this exciting new addition to the podcast industry. Tune in now!

In This Episode

  • The Three Fates Decide Podcast features Mary, Sam, and Liz discussing various topics
  • They introduce themselves and their interests, including social media stalking, writing, reading, and their day jobs
  • The podcast aims to entertain and discuss topics that may help others going through similar experiences
  • The hosts discuss the feelings of loneliness and anxiety that people are experiencing in the current times, and the importance of reaching out to others
  • They discuss the dynamics of their friendship and the process of starting their podcast
  • They plan to discuss a wide range of topics and welcome suggestions from their listeners
  • The podcast briefly touches on the topic of wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The hosts discuss various topics, including ideal places to live and the Marvel series WandaVision
  • They speculate on the future of characters in the Marvel universe and the challenges of filming in various locations
  • The hosts also discuss time travel in movies and compare it to other popular time travel movies such as Back to the Future.

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Key Points

Retail is essential to the US economy, powering millions of jobs and providing essential services to communities nationwide.

Discover the latest celebrity gossip, delve into the mysterious world of astrology, get book and movie recommendations, and more with our exciting new podcast!

[0:28:39] Studies show that wearing a mask is an essential action that can drastically reduce the spread of illnesses.

The pandemic has drastically limited our freedom to socialize, depriving us of our cherished ability to gather with friends, share meals, and enjoy each other’s company.

Discover the power of podcasting and unlock an endless array of fascinating topics, from thrilling mysteries to juicy gossip to personal stories.

As the pandemic continues to take its toll on mental health, the hosts are doing their part to reduce feelings of loneliness and provide meaningful connections to listeners struggling with social isolation.

The mysterious Nexus gateway in WandaVision has the potential to unlock all dimensions and realities. This is possibly paving the way for an epic Mephisto storyline and a Doctor Strange crossover.

The highly-anticipated Marvel TV show WandaVision has excited viewers worldwide. This led in online discussions of fan theories tying back to the iconic House of M and Avengers Disassembled storylines.

The powerful twins in WandaVision may have been tragically erased from Wanda’s memory by Agatha. They may be holding pieces of Mephisto’s dark soul and potentially driving Wanda to an emotional breakdown.

[0:57:10] In a climactic battle between the Scarlet Witch and the Salem Seven, the epicenter was formed by Agatha Harkness’ powerful creation of a new Salem and the birth of her child that joined the Seven.

The speakers were disappointed with the ‘clunky’ time travel plotline in Marvel’s blockbuster hit Endgame.


Nobody likes the inconvenience because it is admittedly inconvenient. But the alternative, that’s way more inconvenient is that you get extremely sick and you’re on a ventilator.” – Liz

The Nexus is a cross dimensional gateway which provides a pathway to any and all possible realities. This includes realities between realities.” – Liz

I still say the whole Mephisto storyline. And we’re going to meet Mephisto before the end of this within the next two episodes.” – Mary

Because just the concept of Wanda and vision, having kids just logically just does not make any sense. I mean, he’s a robot. How is that even possible?” – Liz

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