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Anime that I consider my favorite: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Screenshot of one of my favorite anime titles on Crunchyroll

Show Notes

Discover the exciting world of anime with Three Fates Decide! On this week’s episode, Liz dives deep into the thrilling realm of anime and its incredible evolution over the years. From classic titles like Sailor Moon to modern classics like Restaurant to Another World, get the inside scoop on everything you need to know about this exciting art form. Plus, learn about reference books and the amazing translators who make it possible to enjoy anime in the US. Don’t miss this incredible episode of

  • What is anime?
  • Different genres of anime
  • Reference books for getting started
  • The golden age of anime in the US
  • Translating Japanese terms and concepts
  • Examples of popular anime series

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    Key Points

    Anime has become a global phenomenon, captivating audiences around the world with its unique and mesmerizing visuals, making it one of the most influential forms of animation ever created.

    Immersive and mouth-watering, the two anime series ‘Cells at Work’ and ‘Restaurant to Another World’ provide viewers with a captivating exploration of immunology and a magical escape into a calming slice of life paradise.

    Anime has experienced an explosive resurgence in popularity, with iconic shows like Cowboy Bebop captivating viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

    With over 100 unique genres of anime, there is something for everyone, from classic children’s stories to animated pornography. Tune in to our follow-up episode to discover expert-recommended favorites!


    “So some of you listeners may be familiar with anime. Some of you may not be familiar with anime.”

    “Anime is actually in the Japanese context, basically the term that literally means animation.”

    “So I definitely feel a lot of sentimental connections to the shows that I watched when I was younger.”

    “It covers everything from what we typically consider children’s adventure stories all the way to actually pornography.”

    There are a few different sources for people to watch anime. As someone in the United States, Liz is able to watch shows through the following websites!

    Netflix –
    Cruncyhroll –
    HiDIVE –

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