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Show Notes

In this remarkable episode, we explore two wildly popular light novels and the fascinating subgenre of Isekai. Fascinating characters, magical settings, and amazing powers are all part of the Isekai experience, with titles such as Restaurant to Another World and Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill. Take a journey with us and discover:

  • The concept of light novels, which originated in Japan and are typically shorter than traditional novels.
  • The similarities between light novels and manga, such as being released chapter by chapter and collected into volumes.
  • The popular title Restaurant to Another World, which follows a mysterious restaurant that opens for customers from another world.
  • The podcast’s exploration of two manga/light novel series, Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill and Restaurant to Another

Let us know if you’d like to reviews about any of the titles discussed in this episode!

Titles Mentioned in this Episode

Restaurant to Another World:​

Campfire Cooking with My Absurd Skill:

Bonus – Other Titles Liz is reading or is currently reading!

Cooking with Wild Game

I Refuse to Be Your Enemy!

Key Points

Discover an enchanting world of captivating stories with light novels – from Restaurant to Another World to other limitless possibilities – to explore and enjoy!

The revolutionary restaurant, powered by the magic of food, has become a gateway between worlds, connecting races and forging friendships, even leading to inter-kingdom trade agreements.

Unlock a gateway to an enchanting universe of adventure with the mesmerizing power of Isekai fiction! Dive into new realms of imagination and uncover remarkable relationships and bonds through reading captivating titles such as “Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill”.


“The concept of Restaurant to Another World is, as the title tells you, is that, uh, the main driving plot to the series is that there is a mysterious restaurant where five days of the week it is a western cuisine restaurant located in Japan.”

“And yet most of the people in this other world will never know this restaurant exists. And it’s all because a few lucky random people accidentally discover these portals that give them access to this restaurant.”

​”It’s unclear from my limited research as to whether this novel series has actually been completed in Japan or if the author is still writing them or if they’ve just gone on hiatus or quit or whatever.”

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