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Attention pop culture enthusiasts! The latest episode of Three Fates Decide podcast is packed with discussions on the third Disney Plus Marvel show, Loki. Join the dynamic hosts as they dive deep into each episode, unraveling the mysteries behind the TVA organization, the introduction of new characters, and the concept of the sacred timeline. The hosts share their thoughts on the unique characteristics of the characters. Let us know what you think!

Topic: Recap and discussion of the Disney+ series “Loki”
– Episode 1: “Glorious Purpose”
– Episode 2: “The Variant”
– Episode 3: “Lamentis”
– Episode 4: “The Nexus Event”
– Episode 5: “Journey into Mystery”
– Episode 6: Season Finale
– Themes discussed include the TVA, time travel, different versions of Loki, and the introduction of Kang the Conqueror

Key Points

In 2050 Alabama, a female variant of Loki wreaks havoc, leaving Sylvie and Loki powerless to contain the destruction.

Loki’s unchecked manipulation of alternate timelines has resulted in his ultimate capture by the all-powerful Time Variance Authority.

Loki’s return in the debut episode of Marvel’s ‘Loki’ revealed his mysterious whereabouts after Endgame, introducing the concept of the immutable Sacred Timeline, controlled by the formidable Time Variance Authority.

With their last-ditch effort to escape the unforgiving planet, Sylvie and Loki attempted to reach the mysterious ‘Arc’; yet, their desperate attempt ultimately resulted in failure.

The enigmatic Sylvie possesses a mysterious power that sets her apart from her brother Loki; a power to possess other people, a supernatural ability that Loki has never exhibited before.

A Nexus event triggered during the apocalyptic event reveals a critical flaw in the TVA’s operations. It has far-reaching repercussions that will reverberate throughout the rest of the episode.

It has been discovered that the TVA’s employees are actually variants with suppressed memories of a life prior to joining the mysterious organization. It raises serious questions about the TVA’s hidden agenda and sinister operations.

Unlocking previously unknown capabilities, the characters in the show experience a transformative journey of self-discovery, uncovering remarkable hidden talents.

With a dramatic cliffhanger, Phase Four of the MCU promises a heart-stopping confrontation between Sylvie and Loki, as they must choose between risking a catastrophic multiuniversal war or replacing He Who Remains and taking charge of the TVA.

The season finale of “Loki” unveils the formidable He Who Remains, a powerful version of Kang the Conqueror!

Fate’s power is unstoppable and undeniable, as evidenced by its sudden and unexpected “boom” that leaves no room for doubt.


– “After dying three times, Loki is still alive. Well, to be fair, that is in keeping with how comic books work.”

“It was a good way to start, obviously, because it answered the question that everyone had in Endgame, where did Loki go?”

“They pretty much between Mobius and Loki figure out that the variant is hiding in apocalyptic events so that no one can find them.” – Sam

“They go to Pompeii and then they go to Alabama. 2050. I have to say, if this actually happens, Alabama in 2050, I’m going to be freaked out.”

“I kind of liked the Pompeii scene only because, um, Tom Hiddleston was not playing Loki at that point. Tom Hiddleston was playing Tom Hiddleston because he was talking about um, he was quoting in, um I don’t know if it was Latin or not.”

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