Lunar New Year!

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Discover the rich and diverse traditions of the Lunar New Year with Three Fates Decide. Gain valuable insights into the Year of the Tiger, the significance of colors such as red and gold, and the giving of red envelopes. Explore the cultural significance of food items, such as oranges, dumplings, and fish, and their symbolic meanings. Learn about the Chinese Zodiac and the traits of those born in the year of the tiger. Discover the horoscopes for the

– The Three Fates Decide podcast discusses the upcoming Chinese New Year
– The hosts give a disclaimer about their limited knowledge and variations of the holiday
– The podcast provides insights into cultural celebrations and traditions associated with the holiday
– Traditions include the use of colors, giving red envelopes, and representation of zodiac animals
– The podcast discusses coincidence and zodiac signs and elements
– Traditional foods are consumed during the celebration and have symbolic meanings
– The hosts discuss the traditional elements associated with the holiday

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Key Points

The Lunar New Year exuberantly ushers in a new start with the arrival of the Year of the Tiger. The tiger is a powerful symbol of courage, strength and determination.

Celebrate the Year of the Tiger in style with Lunar New Year’s age-old tradition of gifting luxurious red envelopes filled with luck and prosperity – and, of course, the most delicious food!

Ring in the New Year with a festive feast of traditional Chinese delicacies, lively red envelope exchanges, heartwarming visits with relatives, and the exchange of auspicious oranges and sweets as gifts!

Celebrate the joyous occasion of Lunar New Year with vibrant festivities, lively visits, delicious feasting, and generous red envelopes overflowing with luck and prosperity!

The fiercely loyal and highly talented Tiger men of this Year of the Tiger are in for a roller coaster of luck, both good and bad.

Chinese New Year festivities ceremoniously ignite the air with fiery firecrackers and inspiring scrolls to usher in wealth, luck and fortune.

Explosions of color and sound fill the night sky during Lunar New Year celebrations in New York City, where permits are required to light firecrackers.

Celebrated in different ways across China, traditional Lunar New Year festivities feature a variety of unique, mouth-watering dishes. This reflects the richly diverse regional culinary cultures.

Celebrations of the Chinese zodiac’s 60-year cycle are a vibrant spectacle that last for multiple days of festivities!

Millions of Chinese people embark on an epic journey each year during the Lunar New Year. It is one of the world’s largest and most remarkable human migration events!

The Lunar New Year is a time of celebration. It is also a period when Chinese moviegoers overwhelmingly prefer locally-made films. It makes it a significantly less profitable season for international releases.


“And I know there’s something called red envelopes. I’m not real sure what they are. I just know there’s I’d read something years ago about red envelopes.”

“Um, but this is a very strange coincidence. In my family, there’s four people in my immediate family.”

“Even my cousin, who is literally just two months older than me, she is married and she and her husband, they have to give me envelopes.”

“Once that happens, they will remain loyal to their partner. Extramarital affairs are almost impossible, these majestic and diligent men.”

“Anyone who can handle their dominant first impression will find a dedicated and strong woman underneath their tough exterior.” – Sam

“There is a myth that says that there is a monster that appears every year. And one of the ways to scare off the monster was to use these firecrackers, uh, to frighten it away.” – Mary

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