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Show Notes

In this episode, the hosts dive deep into the important topic of mental health, particularly during the COVID pandemic. With personal experiences and insights, they discuss the destigmatization of mental illness, the benefits of therapy, and the challenges of seeking help. From childhood bullying to body inclusivity, cyberbullying to the pressure of fame, the conversation covers it all. Join the hosts as they explore the impact

– The podcast discusses mental health, particularly in young adults and teenagers during the COVID pandemic
– The hosts share their personal experiences with mental health issues and the benefits of therapy and artistic outlets
– The podcast emphasizes the importance of taking care of one’s mental health and seeking help when needed
– The conversation touches upon the destigmatization of mental illness and the importance of finding the right therapist
– The podcast addresses the impact of cyberbullying and toxic social media fandoms on mental health
If you have your own struggles, please make sure that you seek help. There are always resources available and support can be found.

Key Points

Despite the taboo that once surrounded mental health, more and more individuals are now seeking support for their non-diagnosed stress and emotional struggles. This demonstrates an inspiring surge of courage and self-care.

Mary is committed to instilling in her daughter the invaluable skills of expressing herself clearly and confidently. This is while also being able to protect herself physically against bullies.

Cyberbullying, influencer culture, and unrealistic beauty standards propagated by the fashion industry are leading to an alarming rise in mental health issues.

Studies have revealed that taking medication for mental health issues can be an effective solution. However, it’s crucial to stay in close contact with your doctor to ensure optimal results and minimal side effects.

The fashion industry must recognize the undeniable truth that everyone has a unique body type. The industry should provide accessible and empowering apparel choices. More individuals can then confidently and unapologetically embrace their natural shape without fear of judgement or shame.

By championing inclusivity in fashion design, Christian Siriano is revolutionizing the industry and creating a more positive and affirming atmosphere for people of all shapes, sizes, and gender identities.

By immersing themselves completely in their roles, actors can tap into an unparalleled level of realism that dramatically elevates their performances.

The K-pop industry’s meteoric rise to fame has had devastating consequences for some of its young stars, with immense pressure and scrutiny leading to tragic outcomes.

Despite the fact that mental health issues affect both genders, men are disproportionately more likely to suffer in silence. This is due to the pervasive stigma surrounding treatment.


“A lot of people were very anxious or fell into depression and had to come up with ways to deal with it if they couldn’t see a therapist or anything like that.” – Sam

“It was just he was gone. Um, so for me, what worked better was to, uh, find my, I guess, quote unquote, people and I found them online.” – Mary

“So you don’t necessarily have to leave the house to get a therapy session in, or you can call from wherever you are and get a therapy session in, which is great for people and other people like that.” – Mary

“Yeah, they’re mean. They are so mean. I was bullied. I was bullied so badly in fifth grade that it emotionally ruined me until I was an adult.” – Sam

“People need to understand that because I embrace the fact that I’m overweight doesn’t mean that I’m okay with the fact that I’m overweight.”

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