Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Show Notes

Join us tonight for another episode of Three Fates Decide where co-host Mary and Sam delve into the Netflix series Monster, based on the true story of Jeffrey Dahmer. While we do not condone his heinous crimes, we will be discussing the series and the Golden Globe nominations it has received. Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, creators of Glee, produced the show, and Evan Peters delivers a standout performance as Dahmer. The series takes a deep dive into the killer’s life, from his sad childhood to his gruesome crimes.

This episode explores the impact it’s had on the victim’s families. Tune in to explore a new perspective on true crime dramas. See why Monster has been nominated for several awards. Don’t miss out on this thought-provoking conversation. Let us know what you think of this episode.

  • Duo episode with Mary
  • Netflix series “Monster”
  • Jeffrey Dahmer’s story
  • Golden Globe nominations
  • Real events portrayed
  • Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan
  • Evan Peters as Dahmer
  • Childhood and adulthood
  • No sympathy for Dahmer
  • Victims of color
  • Outrage towards police
  • Lionel Dahmer’s book
  • Dahmer’s body and brain
  • Show received mixed reviews
  • Family members unhappy
  • “Silenced” episode
  • Giving voice to excluded groups
  • Nominated for awards

Key Points

The tragic failure of Jeffrey Dahmer’s father to address his son’s mounting alcoholism and homicidal tendencies resulted in catastrophic consequences.

The Emmy Award-winning creators of “American Horror Story” and “Glee” delivered an unforgettable series, with Evan Peters delivering a mesmerizing performance as the notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

During the early 1980s, when AIDS awareness was virtually non-existent, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer committed horrific acts, such as stealing and consuming blood bags and drugging unsuspecting men at a bathhouse.

Despite Glenda Cleveland’s desperate attempts to alert authorities to Jeffrey Dahmer’s disturbing behavior, they disregarded her warnings due to her socio-economic and racial background.

Despite the racial bias in law enforcement during his time, notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer preyed primarily on men of color.

The television series, ‘Jeffrey Dahmer: A Disturbing Story’, has captivated viewers worldwide with its chilling portrayal of the life of the notorious serial killer.

The show has been widely acclaimed for its outstanding performances, spellbinding soundtrack, and superior production value, earning prestigious awards and nominations.


“His background shaped who he was, and it maybe contributed to how he became who he became, but it was still 100% on him.” – Mary

“He (Evan Peters) is one to watch as I really seriously see him becoming a very big name star in the future.” – Mary

“I was blinded, obviously, by the character, which, again, is great for them. That meant that their acting was, like, on par.”

“But Dahmer being the charismatic person that he was, so he was able to convince the police.”

“Unfortunately, once again, the police just didn’t do their job.”

“She’s just been absolutely traumatized by listening to the screams and the power tools coming from Dahmer’s apartment.”

“Glenda Cleveland repeatedly followed up with Milwaukee police about her suspicions.”

“He is not to be idolized. He is not, um, considered someone to look up to and be like, yeah, he was so attractive.”

-“Monster won the people’s choice award for the most binge worthy TV show.”

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