Sam’s Solo: Murdaugh Family Murders Documentary

Show Notes

‚ÄčThe new Netflix documentary “The Murdaugh Murders of Southern Scandal” is a must-watch. The documentary explores multiple deaths linked to the Murdaugh family, and how they tried to sweep things under the rug. Alex Murdaugh is on trial again for the murder of his wife Maggie and his son Paul. The documentary doesn’t shy away from the details. If you’re looking for a true crime story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this is it

  • The Netflix documentary “The Murdaugh Murders of Southern Scandal”
  • How the Murdaugh family is all around suspicious
  • The death of Gloria Satterfield and how Alex Murdaugh is on trial for financial crimes related to that
  • The murder of Paul and Maggie Murdaugh and the lack of empathy the documentary gives for them

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Key Points

  • The Murdaugh family has a long history of being lawyers and being involved in the law. This has led to them being able to cover up a lot of Paul’s past accidents and incidents.
  • The Murdaughs have been linked to a few suspicious deaths, most notably that of Mallory Beach.
  • Alec Murdoch is on trial for the murder of his wife Maggie and their son Paul.
  • In the docuseries, it shows that Murdoch had the opportunity to call his son, Buster, multiple times after he killed his wife and son. He only called him once 45 minutes after the fact.


  •  “They were drinking really heavily and all that.”
  • “At the end, after he kind of smacked his smacked Morgan, he went back and kind of pushed Connor out of the way, took the wheel and slammed on the boat to make it go faster. And he wound up crashing into a bridge.”
  •  “So there’s suspicion that maybe Maggie pushed her. Did she know too much about the goings on with the family and it was time to get rid of her?”
  • “I tried to turn Paul’s body over despite having no visible blood on him.”

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