New Year New You: The Health & Fitness Episode

Show Notes

In our latest episode, we’re delving into the world of nutrition, diets, and fitness all in one. Unfortunately, Mary won’t be joining us due to illness, but Liz and Sam are ready to provide you with valuable insights and tips.

We understand the struggles that come with trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we’re here to share our personal experiences and knowledge on the topic. From the dangers of added sugar to the benefits of the Paleo diet and Noom program, we cover it all.

But it’s not just about finding the perfect diet. We also discuss the importance of consistency and finding what works for you. Plus, we provide helpful advice on proper exercise form and how to avoid common mistakes.

Join us for this enlightening and informative episode. Don’t miss out on the chance to improve your health and wellbeing. Follow us on Instagram at threefaceddecide and email us at for any questions or comments. Tune in now and see what we’ll talk about next.

-Nutrition, diets, and fitness
-Importance of avoiding added sugar
-No perfect diet for everyone
-Consider BMI and targets for progress
-Various diets: Paleo, vegan, low carb
-Wellness program Noom incorporates psychology
-Importance of correct exercise technique
-Experiment to find what works for you
-Consistency is key, don’t make drastic changes
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Key Notes

Consuming processed foods high in added sugar increases your risk of developing obesity, heart disease, and type two diabetes – making it a risk not worth taking.

East Asians face an alarming three times greater risk of developing type two diabetes compared to other groups, making diet and exercise essential for prevention and management.

Consuming in moderation is essential for long-term success when striving to achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle – and it can be delicious, too!

By customizing your diet to your individual needs, you can unlock an unprecedented level of health and wellbeing.

[0:29:9] A Paleo diet may reduce risk factors for heart disease, but its elimination of whole grains and dairy can lead to a nutrient deficiency, compared to a vegan diet which can reduce risks for diabetes and heart disease, while providing essential vitamins and minerals like B12, D, iodine, iron, calcium, zinc, and omega three fatty acids.

Jumpstart your weight loss journey today with small, achievable changes – and experience dramatic, long-lasting results!

By dramatically reducing her salt intake and increasing her high-protein, low-carb intake, Sam has experienced remarkable health improvements in her fitness journey.

Noom’s innovative audio-text lessons provide an inspiring and empowering approach to nutrition and self-improvement, enabling users to achieve their health and wellness goals.


“I’m also genuinely concerned about the issue with diabetes.”

“Artificial trans fats are very unhealthy.”

“Refined carbohydrates are the bad ones.”

“Diets technically don’t work. It’s really a whole lifestyle change.”

“Food logging is 100% a really good tool for you to use.”

“Tomorrow is another chance to do better, so there’s hope for you.”

“So far, I’ve kept off 7 pounds since I started Noom, which I am very happy about.”

“I’m a very high protein, high fat, um, lower carb diet.”

“Starting after the age of 30, people can lose three to 5% of their muscle mass per decade.”

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