New Year New You: The Skincare Episode

Show Notes

Looking for advice on skincare? Look no further than “Three Fates Decide,” the podcast where women opine on pop culture and delve into the topic of skincare. Don’t be fooled into thinking skincare is just for women – everyone has skin, and this podcast covers it all. Our hosts discuss their own skin types and issues, sharing personal experiences and research-based advice. From adult acne to dealing with oily T-zones, they cover it all.

Discover the best affordable drugstore skincare options, tips for managing body acne, and the importance of using sunscreen to prevent skin cancer. Whether you’re dealing with dryness or dermatitis, this podcast has you covered. Tune in and learn from experts who have been there and done that. Don’t miss out on the latest episode of “Three Fates Decide,” available now.

  • Skincare for all genders
  • Personal skin types/issues
  • Finding solutions for conditions
  • Importance of seeking professional advice
  • Basic skincare routine
  • Importance of proper cleansing
  • Ingredients for treating acne
  • Managing body acne
  • Benefits of using serums
  • Tips for dry skin
  • Moisturizers for different skin types
  • Importance of sunscreen
  • Difference between mineral & chemical sunscreen
  • Contact information for feedback

Key Points

Discover a unique and nourishing way to soothe your chapped lips with Juvia’s Place Nubian Glow lip balm, now available at Ulta and other stores!

Liz is on an ongoing battle to treat her combination skin and diagnosed facial dermatitis, formerly relying on topical steroids but now seeking alternate treatments.

Discover how affordable drugstore cleansers can be just as effective as their expensive counterparts – without the drying effects of using wipes!

Reveal your best skin with just 4 simple steps! Cleansing, treating skin issues, moisturizing, and applying SPF can help you achieve a radiant complexion with just basic drugstore products.

Discover the power of salicylic acid body wash and moisturizing to reduce body acne.

Experience relief from itchy, dry skin with a powerful combination of topical steroids, hyaluronic acid and niacinamides – plus petroleum jelly for added moisturizing.

Discover the power of Vitamin E and niacinamide to nourish dry skin, while gel textures balance combination skin and liquidy formulas mattify oily skin!

Salicylic acid is a POWERFUL and PROVEN acne-fighting ingredient that DEEPLY cleans out pores and GENTLY exfoliates the skin, while hydrogen peroxide must be used with CAUTION as it can be DRYING.

Protect your skin with the power of sunscreen and be mindful of alcohols in skincare products to prevent skin cancer.

Protect your skin with the superior protection of mineral sunscreens that reflect harmful UV rays for superior sun safety!


“Finding a moisturizer that is moisturizing enough without being smotheringly heavy on your skin and causing the breakouts to be worse. That’s such a hard balance.” – Mary

“I definitely got diagnosed with a form of dermatitis on my faceā€¦ He would prescribe me, actually, a topical steroid to treat it.” – Liz

“It’s drugstore prices, so it’s a lot cheaper than going to Sephora and buying, like, $40 cleanser that may or may not work for you.”

“Your most convenient option is to go to the drugstore and buy stuff to try to get rid of these horrible things on your face. Or you can go see a dermatologist, um, and see what’s going on.” – Liz

“Salicylic acid is like such a common ingredient that people have been using for decades for acne. It’s pretty reliable, well tested, well documented.”

“I absolutely hate dry chapped cracked lips. I hate it. And I started using this because my lips had gotten chapped because my allergies and Phil is sick and everything. And they got chapped real quick.” – Mary

“For dry skin, they generally recommend creams, heavier creams. Um, also, I’ve noticed that a lot of dry skin formula moisturizers will have vitamin E as an ingredient.” – Liz

“If you do feel a lot of dryness, definitely look into it. Does involve actually reading the label and looking at the ingredients really carefully.” – Liz

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