Our 25th Episode Free Talk

Show Notes

Looking for valuable insights into marriage and relationships? Look no further than the latest episode of Three Fates Decide. In their 25th episode, the hosts celebrate their milestone and take a deep dive into the topic of marriage. They discuss the importance of having difficult conversations before getting married, including the decision to have children. With thought-provoking insights, this episode is a must-listen for anyone considering tying the knot. But that’s not all – the hosts also share personal updates and discuss their experiences attending conventions, meeting celebrities, and navigating the world of podcast production. With their blend of humor and honesty, Three Fates Decide offers listeners a fresh perspective on pop culture and beyond. Tune in now and join the conversation.

  • Celebrating 25th episode and gratitude
  • Recent experiences: coaching and caretaking
  • Writing spooky stories, getting a raise, NYCC
  • Cosplay dedication and meeting actors
  • Justice for Johnny update and conventions
  • Fashion trends and cyclical nature
  • Tips for attending conventions
  • Regrets and social media management
  • Planning ahead and podcast production
  • Behind-the-scenes of podcasting
  • Introverted personalities and swearing
  • Discomfort with physical touch
  • Women’s perspectives on marriage and kids
  • Maintaining strong relationships
  • Importance of discussing children before marriage
  • Settling important matters before marriage
  • Contact information for feedback and updates

Key Points

Crafting an effective plan is essential for preventing disappointment when attending conventions with the opportunity to meet celebrities.

Navigate expensive celebrity autographs and photos with ease: voice actors at conventions often offer free signings!

Celebrating an amazing milestone, the hosts have reached 25 episodes of success!

In East Asian cultures, physical touch and personal space are often viewed differently than in other cultures.

Reverse psychology can be surprisingly effective in influencing personal preferences surrounding marriage and children.

Despite countless couples hoping for a strong and lasting relationship, the divorce rate has skyrocketed, leaving many feeling jaded and discouraged.


“Congrats to you if you’re that impressive, uh, uh, craftsman. And I do think cosplayers are truly craftspeople.” – Liz

“If I were to pick only just one person to plop down the money to go get the photo op or whatever with, it has to be him.” – Liz (referring to Paul Rudd)

“Sometimes, um, that is a big factor as to whether they’re going to come to the New York Con or well, I mean, they usually go to San Diego.” – Liz

“If you do want to meet do these things with celebrities like this, you better be prepared to cough up the cash, because otherwise it ain’t happening.” – Liz

“There’s a difference between an argument and a fight. You know what I mean? Like, people make arguments a lot bigger than they need to and a relationship is not easy.” – Sam

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