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Welcome to the latest episode of Three Fates Decide! In this episode, our hosts delve into the intricate world of public relations (PR) in Hollywood. With unique examples and insider information, they explain how PR works to create a desired image and generate public interest in actors and movies. From orchestrated relationships to advertising and press releases, our hosts explore the give-and-take relationship between PR and media outlets. They also discuss how the rise of social media has forced PR firms to adapt and revamp their strategies. But, is all PR fake?

While some PR may be a facade, it can also be used to the advantage of celebrities and their teams. Join us as we dive into the world of Hollywood’s PR tactics and its impact on public perception. So, tune in now to Three Fates Decide!

– The episode discusses the use of public relations (PR) in Hollywood to control and sell a certain narrative.
– PR relationships, advertising, press releases, and the use of paparazzi are common tactics.
– There is a give-and-take relationship with PR, as media outlets may use it for their own PR.
– The hosts discuss the prevalence of fake relationships in the entertainment industry for the purpose of PR and publicity.
– They also talk about cancel culture and how publicists need to be skilled at addressing scandals and negativity to protect their clients’ careers.
– The importance of maintaining a positive image and being selective about media opportunities is emphasized.
– The episode ends with a teaser for the next topic to be discussed.

Key Points

PR is an invaluable tool for Hollywood to ensure that their latest projects and stars get the attention they deserve. The paparazzi can be a powerful ally in this effort.

With a powerful PR strategy, actors can skyrocket their recognition, boosting anticipation for upcoming movie releases.

Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphries’ 72-day marriage captivated the world – proving the incredible power of celebrity PR in relationships.

PR relationships can be a powerful tool to generate buzz and draw attention. This is particularly true when it involves celebrities who are not frequently seen in the media.

Despite the intense media scrutiny of her past relationships, Taylor Swift has embraced a newfound privacy in her current relationship. She’s exhibiting a marked shift in her attitude towards her private life.

The notorious Nicole Richie and Steve O relationship was an expertly-crafted PR ploy, designed to boost the former’s celebrity status.

With its strategic use of social media, modern-day PR has the potential to create a lasting impression. This is only if it is executed with consistent, powerful messaging.

Hollywood is notorious for its pervasive use of PR relationships as a facade to conceal the true sexual orientation of many celebrities.

Despite the celebrity culture of orchestrated relationships and PR stunts, some star couples have defied the odds and proven that true love is possible.

In today’s digital age, it is essential for celebrities to invest in positive PR strategies in order to combat any scandals or negative press, and ultimately rebuild their public image.


– “PR relationships with co-stars…happens a lot in Hollywood, which again, doesn’t mean that it’s not somewhat real.”

– “That was just like one of the most recent that people would be able to really probably recognize as being a relationship that’s using elements of PR in it.”

– “A lot of things could get debunked pretty quick. Yes, they sell a narrative, and unbeknownst to them, people figure out. Like, wait a minute, that’s not really what happened, or whatever.” 

“So in other words, they were just encouraging rumors just to get them attention and interest and collaboration.” 

– “Yeah, I mean, not to mention it conveniently fits the classic strategy of let’s have two costars who are playing a couple, be a real couple, be coupled in real life.”

– “We’re just saying is that we want to acknowledge there is a possibility that some of them were real and they just took advantage of the potential for attention.”

– “This is not a new concept. That this has been going on for a very long time and it’s like almost a quote unquote, classic strategy.”

– “One of the things that publicists need to learn, especially today, is how to deal with scandals and negative attacks and crisis situations.”

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