Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Show Notes

Get ready to delve into the captivating world of “Bridgerton” with our latest episode of Three Fates Decide. This time, we focus on the Netflix hit show’s characters, specifically Queen Charlotte. Join our hosts as they explore the character’s development throughout the series and compare it to the original Bridgerton storyline. Our hosts express their opinions on the show, including their fascination with the sorrows, prayers, and quotable lines from the series.

This podcast offers a burst of excitement and perplexity that is sure to leave you wanting more. Tune in on Amazon Music, Apple Podcast, iHeartRadio, or Spotify, and follow us on Instagram and TikTok at threefatesdecide. Don’t miss out on the fun and be sure to come back for future episodes.

  • Discuss “Bridgerton: Queen Charlotte”
  • Compare to original series
  • Explore Queen Charlotte’s portrayal and character development
  • Speculate on possibility of second season
  • Appreciate the series’ accomplishment in uniting the ton
  • Discuss Lady Danbury and Violet’s stories
  • Explore backstories of other side characters
  • Praise author Julia Quinn’s universe
  • Summarize each episode of “Bridgerton”
  • Discuss events in episodes 2 and 3
  • Explore episodes 4 and 5, focus on George and Charlotte’s relationship
  • Cover various subplots and events in the series
  • Discuss the finale of “The Duchess”
  • Compare to a similar arranged marriage
  • Discuss history of royal family and marriages
  • Appreciate acting performances
  • Discuss portrayal of gay relationship and King George II and Queen Charlotte’s relationship
  • Analyze challenges faced by Queen Victoria in marriage
  • Discuss frustration and confusion in relationships
  • Provide information on podcast and encourage listeners to follow and return for future episodes.

Key Notes

Penelope and Colin’s enthralling romance takes center stage in season three of Bridgerton.

Charlotte, Queen of England, desperately urged her children to marry and produce heirs to safeguard the future of the British royal family.

The Featheringtons and the humorous history of the Smyth-Smithes could make for a riveting spin-off adaptation.

Despite having a famously loving relationship and numerous children, the marriages of the royal family were often shockingly unhappy.

In an era of arranged marriages, Queen Charlotte and King George II defied the odds, overcoming initial challenges to develop a deep and lasting connection, ultimately forging a powerful royal union.

Charlotte and George’s honeymoon quickly devolved into an awkward and painful experience, as Charlotte’s inexperience collided with George’s deeply-hidden secrets.

Lady Danbury grappled with the shocking reality that the late Lord Danbury’s title and estate may not extend to non-white members of English society, sparking a flurry of contentious debates over inheritance rights.

Despite the obstacles of a rushed marriage, the characters in the show courageously strive to build a strong connection and understanding with each other.

Despite the common experience of feeling disconnected and unheard in relationships, it’s important to remember that vulnerability and open communication are essential for fostering genuine connection.


“The fact that they decided to take that and turn it into this series and explain kind of why she was the way that she was, I just thought they did a very good job.” – Sam

“I don’t think they’ll do another since it was a limited series. Yeah, they usually don’t make second seasons out of limited series usually.” – Speaker 3

“I do like how you got a little bit of insight into Lady Danbury and a little bit into Violet, uh, when she was younger.” – Liz

“The funny thing is that a coworker of mine is also a Bridgerton fan, and actually, she borrowed the novels from me…” – Liz

“If any of you listeners haven’t read the books yet, you really should because… the romance genre. But what I like about her is that especially her later books, they’re pretty funny.” – Liz

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