Reboots, Remakes, and Sequels We Never Asked For

Show Notes

This week on Three Fates Decide, we’ll be talking about Hollywood’s lack of originality. Hollywood is making reboots, remakes, and sequels we never asked for. We’ll be revisiting all those reboots that nobody has asked for. Let’s not go back to movies that were perfection to start with. There has got to be some idea out there that is new.

We do a follow up of sorts to Episode 6. Here we continue the conversation on the lack of originality and creativity happening in Hollywood in recent years. There’s tons of questionable choices being made involving rebooting, remaking, or producing prequels/sequels for things that probably didn’t need to be done. We talk about many different examples coming out in 2022 & 2023. Are there any that you actually want to check out? Are there any that we didn’t include in our episode? Let us know!

  • The lack of originality in Hollywood
  • The never ending stream of sequels and reboots
  • How Hollywood is running out of ideas
  • The importance of originality in entertainment​ ​

Key Points

  • The new Scream movie was successful because it paid homage to the original Scream movies and it had been long enough since the last one that people were ready for another one.
  • Hollywood has been known to remake classic films into new versions that sometimes don’t live up to the original. Whether it’s because the story has been changed too much, or the new actors don’t fit the roles well, many times these remakes are met with negative reception.
  • Hollywood has been increasingly churning out remakes, reboots, and sequels instead of original content. This lack of creativity has been met with criticism from moviegoers.
  • The list of upcoming remakes is painful, with many classic films and shows being remade into live action films.
  • The upcoming remake of Matilda is one to be excited for as it stays true to the original musical while also bringing in fresh talent.
  • Don’t remake classic movies because they will never be as good as the originals.


  • There has got to be some idea out there that is new or a new hell, even a new take on an old idea I’m great with. Let’s not go back to movies that were perfection to start with. They do not need to be remade.”
  • “I think one of the reasons why this Scream movie was so successful it’s been long enough. I think it did pay homage to the original Scream poor movies.”
  • “It’s just, like, one thing, uh, because they started doing the Disney Plus show. So it was just one after another after another. And it’s like, by the time you even finish one, it’s like, all right, here comes the next thing. And it’s like, wait a minute. Whoa. Like, time out.”
  • “Take it back. M. You’re not allowed.”
  • “You cannot replace Chuck Norris as Walker Texas Ranger. He is Walker, Texas Ranger. It’s him you think of when you think of Walker, Texas Ranger, and Chuck Norris’s face comes to mind. Not Jared Padlocki. No offense to him. There’s no one like Chuck Norris.”
  • “The moment they start remaking Robin Williams films because you know, eventually it’s going to happen. Um, uh, I’m going with Torch and Pitchfork and I’m going, whoever touch those films, man, don’t touch them.”

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