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Welcome to Three Fates Decide, the podcast where we explore the funny side of Reddit and share our opinions on various pop culture topics. Our latest episode focuses on the main idea of entitlement and the importance of setting boundaries. Join us as we discuss a Reddit post about a woman’s gender reveal party for her pet lizard and the limits of familial support. We also delve into the high costs of daycare and the entitlement culture around bachelorette parties and weddings.

Our conversation covers the absurdity of entitled behavior and the need for empathy and understanding towards others. We also touch on the importance of treating retail and food service workers with kindness and respect. Tune in to our podcast to explore these topics and more. Don’t forget to provide us with your feedback and suggestions for future topics. We can’t wait to hear from you!

– The podcast discusses humorous and absurd stories from Reddit
– They focus on a post about a woman’s gender reveal party for her pet lizard and the conflict it caused with her mother
– The hosts also discuss ageism in social media and the pressures of adulthood
– They criticize entitled behavior at weddings and in customer service situations
– The importance of treating others with kindness and respect is emphasized throughout the podcast

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Key Points

Unlock the shocking and hilarious stories shared on Reddit with Three Fates Decide!

The daughter’s heartfelt gender reveal for her beloved lizard was met with a disheartening lack of respect from her father. It left her deeply hurt and disappointed.

The heartbreaking reality is that both OP and his daughter receive a dismal 2 out of 5 rating for their blatant disregard of their pet as a cherished family member.

At the tender age of six, many children experience a life-altering transition to public school. It’s a milestone that can evoke a range of intense emotions in their parents. Unbecoming, arrogant, and exclusionary behavior can further complicate the situation, making it a daunting challenge.

Despite age being a protected characteristic, the reality is that ageism on social media is still rampant and completely unacceptable. Everyone deserves the right to use microblogging platforms without fear of discrimination, no matter their age.

The cost of weddings has skyrocketed, leaving many couples unable to afford their dream day without the generous assistance of family and friends.

The soaring costs of attending a destination wedding can be a heavy financial burden on the couple and their guests.

Destination weddings can be an incredibly romantic and memorable experience for couples, especially when they take place in the couple’s own geographic region.

Despite the common belief that life ends after 30, both speakers are living proof that this is far from the truth. Many people have achieved far more than many of their predecessors did by the same age.

Upholding the Golden Rule not only leads to healthier relationships, but also to greater success, satisfaction, and happiness.


“She got quiet for a minute and then turned my words around, claiming I wasn’t supportive of her decision to be child free.”

– “Just because it’s a lizard doesn’t mean that this person that the daughter doesn’t feel like it’s really her child.”

– “Once I got over a certain age, I would need to be hunted down and killed. I suppose I should have read the terms and conditions.” – Neil Gaiman

– “It would be bizarre to all of us if they had gone to, I don’t know, like, Hawaii for their wedding. It’s like, why are you getting married in Hawaii when you don’t even live there? I mean, what sense.” 

“Why can’t you just make an exception? Because then I’d have to make the exception to everybody.” – Burger King Manager

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