Remembering September 11th

Show Notes

Join the Three Fates Decide podcast as they delve into the impact of the September 11th terrorist attacks on American society and culture. The hosts share their personal experiences and reflections on the tragic event, including their initial confusion, disbelief, and emotional reactions. They discuss the memorials and sites commemorating the attacks and the devastating impact on New York City and its residents. The speakers also touch on the prejudice and racism faced by minorities, including the Sikh community, and the need to acknowledge and address discrimination.

The podcast emphasizes the importance of remembering and honoring the victims and highlights the lack of movies about the attacks. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of this historical event on individuals and the country’s security policies. Don’t miss out on this episode of Three Fates Decide.

  • Personal experiences of hosts
  • Overview of the attacks
  • Visiting memorials and sites
  • Impact on New York City and its residents
  • Prejudice and racism against minorities
  • Impact on security policies
  • Chaos and confusion on the day
  • New reality for daily life in NYC
  • Unity and first responders’ bravery
  • Works inspired by the attacks
  • Lack of movies about the attacks.

Key Points

The shocking and devastating 9/11 attacks caused an unprecedented worldwide paralysis of air travel. The FAA immediately grounding all planes in a desperate attempt to contain the crisis.

On September 11th, 2001, an unthinkable atrocity occurred when four hijacked airliners crashed into the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Pennsylvania, leaving nearly 3,000 people dead in its wake.

In the 18 years since 9/11, Hollywood has produced only a handful of movies about the tragedy.

The 9/11 Memorial and Museum in New York City is a powerful reminder of tragedy, featuring haunting audio recordings of victims’ final words.

Despite the violent acts of a few, the overwhelming majority of Muslims are peaceful, demonstrating the true power of their faith.

The heartbreaking 9/11 attacks impacted countless individuals of diverse faiths, races, and nationalities, leaving a devastating global imprint.

Thousands of people were left stranded in New York City on 9/11, desperately searching for ways to reunite with their loved ones and escape the devastating chaos.


“For me, I think one of the more haunting things was actually… there’s a section where they play audio recordings of people leaving voice messages, trying to get 911.” – Liz

“I’m one of those people that, like, I watch the stuff on, like, the history channel every year… it’s something that I’ll never forget.” – Sam

“Literally everyone was calling. Even my relatives in Hong Kong were calling because the attack was in the morning.” – Liz

“The US. Did definitely come together as a whole and stand together. That was probably the last time the US. As a people came together and felt united.”

“I applaud all those first responders, those firemen and police officers and EMTs that walked into those buildings.”

“The FAA grounded all planes. All planes. And it was for a long time, it was for days before you could get a flight anywhere.” – Sam

“But I’m sure as time goes on, more movies will come out about it because it was such a historical moment.” – Sam

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