Romantic Christmas Movies Are All The Same

Show Notes

Experience the romance and magic of Christmas with the latest episode of the Three Fates Decide podcast. Join us as we delve into the world of classic and romantic Christmas movies, including Hallmark and Netflix films. Our hosts provide a free-form, unplanned discussion on the common tropes found in these movies, from small town settings to near misses with kisses. We also touch upon the lack of diversity in these films and the recent inclusion of LGBTQ+ and POC actors.

Don’t miss out on our recommendations for romantic holiday films and our review of Lindsay Lohan’s involvement in a Hallmark movie and a new Netflix release. Tune in now to the Three Fates Decide podcast and let us guide you through the world of classic and romantic Christmas movies.

  • Repetitiveness of Hollywood Christmas romance movies
  • Common tropes in Hallmark Christmas movies
  • Popularity of Hallmark movies and their formula
  • New Christmas movies on Netflix and Hallmark
  • Trend of holiday romantic comedies on streaming services
  • Various romantic holiday movies available on streaming platforms
  • Favorite holiday movies on streaming platforms
  • Classic romance movies to watch during Christmas season
  • Favorite romantic movies from the past to watch today.

Key Points

Although the Hollywood Christmas romance genre may be filled with familiar tropes and cliches, its enduring popularity proves it still has the power to captivate audiences with its timeless appeal.

Despite the familiarity of the ‘opposites attract’ and ‘fake date’ tropes, these holiday-themed movies remain timeless sources of heartwarming and uplifting entertainment.

Experience a unique twist on classic romantic stories with this diverse selection of underrated gems and blockbuster hits from Netflix.

Despite the predictable tropes, Hallmark Christmas movies demonstrate that true love often requires sacrificing personal dreams for the greater good.

This holiday season, curl up with three exciting new romance movies: Love Hard, The Noel Diary, and Happiest Season – featuring fresh, diverse plotlines and characters guaranteed to put a sparkle in your eye.

This award-winning 2005 drama, “The Family Stone”, features an all-star cast ofRachel McAdams, Claire Danes, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Diane Keaton, delivering powerhouse performances that will leave you moved and inspired.

With a staggering selection of holiday-themed films and TV shows, streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max offer a truly unforgettable viewing experience this festive season.

Hallmark’s savvy reuse of sets and props has enabled them to remain profitable while consistently delighting their audience with engaging, high-quality films.


“It’s the same trope. Either boy in the big city or girl in the big city, something happens and they meet up with either childhood love or the one that got left behind and they fall in love all over again.” – Mary

“I mean, granted, yes, things, dreams can change, whatever, but they always just make the girl give up everything that she is to move into a small town to be with the guy.” – Sam

“Hallmark Channel knows their audience and what they like. If their films didn’t do well, they wouldn’t keep making them.” -Sam

“He wants to buy a local station there, perhaps with his producer, Roxy. Could sparks develop? Yes, they can. And they will.”

“What would you do if you were given just days to live? After she is diagnosed with the terminal illness, Georgia, played by Queen Latifah, jets off to Europe to live her best life.”

“Celebrity photographer Connor, played by Matthew McConaughey, the ultimate bachelor. But right before his brother ties the knot, something strange happens. All of his past girlfriends haunt him.

“Two coworkers at a store in Budapest couldn’t be more at odds. They can’t stand each other, but absolutely adore their faraway pen pals.” – Sam

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