Sam’s Solo: A Christmas Story Christmas Review

Show Notes

Experience a delightful blast from the past with “Three Fates Decides” newest episode! Join us as we review the heartwarming sequel to the much-loved classic, “The Christmas Story”. From the all-star cast to the nostalgic nods to the original movie, you won’t want to miss this incredible journey. Plus, learn how the movie was written as an homage to Ralphie’s father. Tune in now to be transported

  • The new Christmas movie The Christmas Story that has been released on HBO
  • The original child actors reprising their roles
  • The nostalgia of the original movie in the sequel
  • Peter Billingsley as a producer
  • Ralphie’s father passing away days before Christmas
  • Ralphie’s homage to his father with the movie
  • Little things from the first movie that make it into the sequel

Have you seen the movie? What did you think? Let us know!

Key Points

After thirty-seven years, the beloved cast of A Christmas Story reunited for the highly anticipated sequel, The Christmas Story, an emotionally charged tribute to the late Darren Mcgavin.

On Christmas Day, Ralphie’s touching tribute to his beloved father was published. It showcases his heartfelt story of family love and appreciation – and proving that even rejection can lead to success.


“Christmas was so important to Ralphie’s father. So in order to keep his memory alive, they wanted to really just go all out for Christmas.”

“It made me laugh, it made me cry. It just brought out all the emotions that you look for in a holiday movie.”

“So at the very beginning, as I mentioned, ralphie is trying to get, um, or become a writer and is trying to get published.”

“It was to pay homage to in the original, when the teacher opened her drawer with all of their knickknacks and stuff in there.”

“They had a lot of, uh, voiceover flashbacks of the father throughout the film.”

​”I really hope you all enjoyed this movie as much as I did. And I look forward to hearing your thoughts.”

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