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Scandal of 2022 tabloids
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Show Notes

Get ready for the final episode of the Three Fates Decide podcast for 2022. This time they tackle the various scandals of 2022. The hosts dive into the unreliability of DMs and social media in the current age. In this free talk freestyle, the hosts touch upon some of the biggest pop culture moments of the year. They discuss everything from the Johnny versus Amber legal battle to the drama surrounding Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde, and Florence Pugh. The hosts express their skepticism towards Heard’s claims of abuse and discuss the intricacies of the legal proceedings.

They also delve into the controversial advertising campaigns of the brand Balenciaga. They also discuss the mental instability of Kanye West, and the tragic death of comedian and actor Leslie Jordan. The podcast concludes with an invitation for listeners to suggest topics for future episodes. Don’t miss out on this exciting episode, brought to you by Three Fates Decide.

  • Briefly revisit previous topics
  • Update on Johnny vs Amber legal battle
  • Skepticism towards Amber’s claims of abuse
  • Discuss Hollywood news items
  • Convenient timing of celebrity breakups and new relationships
  • Controversial advertising campaigns of Balenciaga
  • Mental instability of Kanye West
  • Criticize Kim Kardashian’s extreme dieting
  • Discuss Leah Michele’s past behavior
  • Sympathy towards Beanie Feldstein
  • Discuss upcoming movie and recent controversies
  • Importance of treating others with respect
  • Twitter usage may decline by 2023
  • Pop culture topics and opinions
  • Caution against fake social media posts in fanfiction
  • Invite listener suggestions and happy new year

Key Points

Amber’s remarkable $2 million victory against Johnny Depp was recently challenged by the actor, leaving her extraordinary success in jeopardy.

Speculation ran rampant that the alleged Harry and Olivia PR romance was nothing more than a calculated ploy to generate buzz for their movie.

In 2022, Harry Styles achieved unprecedented success, selling out arenas across the globe on his tour, topping charts with his album, and captivating the world with his high-profile romantic relationships.

In 2020, Balenciaga faced immense backlash for their ad campaigns. They were accused of promoting child abuse and featuring members of the Kardashian family as celebrity endorsers.

Recent developments, including the Queen’s historic reign, the tragic passing of Bob Saggett, and the uncertain future of the Benifer reunion, have captivated the world.

Rock’s and Smith’s insensitivity at the Oscars shocked viewers with their crass display of inappropriate behavior, leaving an indelible mark of humiliation and disgrace.

Twitter’s apathetic stance towards hate speech has resulted in a staggering amount of backlash, causing irreparable damage to its reputation and impacting the wellbeing of its employees.

With the ’80s nostalgia trend in full swing, Beyonce recently released her ‘Renaissance’-inspired album to mixed reviews, demonstrating that not all fans are embracing the throwback sound.

The recent actions of Kim Kardashian and Will Smith have sparked an alarming discussion about the importance of mental health and self-care, igniting a fierce debate among the public.


“I knew who she is, but I didn’t have any real opinion on her until this came up in the last couple of years. And I’m like, I am so sick and tired of hearing about her.” – Liz

“For all we know, it could be like they were trying to spin the drama that was coming out to promote the movie. It’s just crazy timing.” –

“Pete Davidson is like, involved in so much drama this year. I mean, he was with Kim and then there was a feud with Kanye.”

“He literally had dinner with Trump and Nick Fuentes, who is a known white supremacist and radical Catholic, whatever.”

“She apparently went through a really crazy diet to make sure she fit in the dress. So it’s like, well, apparently you’re too big to wear Marilyn’s dresses.” – Liz

“You end up not only humiliating yourself at the end of it, but also you are being a complete distraction for everybody else that won that night.”

“She [Beanie] just was treated like crap from the moment the show started. I mean, no one even gave her a chance because that’s not who they wanted.” – Sam

“It’s messed up all the hate speech that’s being allowed, all the douchebaggery that’s allowed on Twitter since he took over.”

“Obviously his wife doesn’t care because after this whole ordeal, they made a statement together.”

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