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Welcome to the latest episode of Three Fates Decide, the podcast where three women share their opinions on pop culture. In this episode, we offer a “spring preview” into topics that we will be discussing in upcoming episodes. We discuss our current interests, including a controversial documentary on the show Glee and Pam Anderson’s new Netflix documentary. We also encourage our listeners to send in suggestions for future topics.

Our podcast covers various topics, including our love for gaming and literature. We discuss upcoming video games, including Dune Awakening, Red Fall, Starfield, Nightingale, Arc Two, and Conan Exiles. We also share our personal experiences with gaming, such as playing The Sims and Fate.

Liz talks about her addiction to Japanese anime series on Crunchyroll, with a particular interest in fantasy-themed series. She discusses three different anime series, including “Saving 80,000 Gold Coins for My Retirement,” “By the Grace of the Gods,” and “Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill.”

We also touch on social media platforms like Netflix and YouTube, discussing recent issues such as the password-sharing controversy and copyright strikes affecting YouTubers.

We hope you enjoy this spring preview episode! Don’t forget to email us with topic ideas for future episodes. Thank you for tuning in to Three Fates Decide.

  • Preview of future topics
  • TV shows/movies discussed
  • Interest in new video games
  • Anime series watched
  • Topics discussed (movies, social media, copyright etc.)
  • Desire to become professional podcasters

Key Points

Unraveling the mysterious Alex Murdaugh murder case and uncovering the untold stories behind the hit TV show Glee, The Three Fates Decide podcast is diving into the depths of these captivating stories.

Revelers of the gaming world, get ready to be spellbound: Hogwarts Legacy and Red Fall, two of the most highly anticipated releases of 2021, are coming soon!

With an astonishing $4 million in funding, this Marvel-themed board/card game has smashed its original Kickstarter goal!

Experience an epic adventure of exploration and discovery with the highly anticipated upcoming releases of Ancestors the Humankind Odyssey, Dune Awakening, and Starfield from Bethesda Studios!

A24 is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after distributors and producers of groundbreaking films and shows, with fans eagerly awaiting the next big project from the studio.

Experience the extraordinary journey of a man gifted with the power to tame powerful slimes and harness their magical abilities to craft potent potions – all with the blessings of the Gods!

As Netflix continues to grapple with alarming levels of password sharing and copyright infringement, creators are suffering the devastating consequences of these illegal activities.


“And if they haven’t, then they’ve been living on Mars at this point.” – Liz

“I’ve been addicted. And I’ve actually played all the other games since.”

“I read 66 books last year, so it’s like the complete opposite of Mary’s situation with the book reading.” – Liz

“And besides the fact that Sebastian Stan is in it, it actually looks really good.”

“We got a lot of stuff coming. I hope you guys are all ready. We’re heading into the spring loaded ready.” – Sam

“I would love to do this full time as a job and get paid to do it. Mhm. Come on, people, make it happen.” – Mary

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