Ted Bundy

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Welcome to Three Fates Decide, where we delve into the world of pop culture. In this episode, we discuss the infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy. Our hosts provide a trigger warning as we discuss the disturbing details of his life and crimes. We explore his childhood, his confirmed and suspected victims, and the events leading to his capture. We also touch on the book and movie based on the memoirs of his ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Kendall. Our unique structure and powerful words will keep you engaged and on the edge of your seat.

Join us as we discuss the life and crimes of one of the most notorious serial killers in history. Don’t miss out on this informative and thought-provoking episode. Visit our website for more information and links to our other episodes. Thank you for tuning in to Three Fates Decide.

  • Ted Bundy’s childhood and upbringing
  • Bundy’s early crimes and victims
  • Bundy’s relationship with Elizabeth Kendall
  • Bundy’s gruesome murders and police investigation
  • Bundy’s escapes from prison
  • The sorority house attacks
  • Bundy’s trial, execution, and media portrayal
  • Criticisms of Netflix’s Bundy movies
  • Conclusion and invitation to listen to more episodes

Key Points

From a young age, Ted Bundy, displayed disturbingly macabre tendencies, setting the stage for a lifetime of terror.

Through his masterful manipulation and deception, Ted Bundy was able to evade authorities for years, claiming the lives of dozens in the process.

This highly-controversial movie offers a chilling perspective of Ted Bundy’s life.

After twice escaping from jail, Ted Bundy was finally apprehended and sentenced to prison for the heinous crimes.

The notorious serial killer, Ted Bundy, was sentenced to death for his heinous crimes of attempted murder and burglary.

Elizabeth Kendall’s mental state remains largely unexplored in the movie. Love has been known to cause individuals to overlook potential red flags in relationships.

The movie “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly, Evil and Vile” graphically reveals Ted Bundy’s horrific and despicable acts of murder.

Ted Bundy’s eerily calm demeanor while discussing his heinous murders is a stark reminder of the depravity of which the human mind is capable.


“He liked to terrify people, he liked to be in charge. He liked to inflict pain and suffering and fear.” – Childhood neighbor description of Bundy

“Thankfully, a detective remembered a similar suspect and card description from the Durante kidnapping.”

“FBI lab specialists concluded that the presence of hair strands in one car matching three victims who had never met one another would be a coincidence of mind-boggling rarity.”

“After the meeting, they all were pretty much convinced that Bundy was the one and only murderer that they were looking for.”

“He pretty much handled his own defense. And from the beginning, he sabotaged the entire defense effort out of spite, distrust and grandiose delusions.” – Sam

“I think he was trying to have them think he was crazy. He was trying to deter his death and push it off by slowly giving them pieces of what they wanted to know.”

“The reason why they chose Zac Efron is Zac Efron actually has similar or had I know he’s had some facial stuff done, but similar facial features to Ted Bundy.

“Love makes you do stupid things. Love makes you turn a blind eye to the things that you should never turn a blind eye to.” – Mary

“Obviously people didn’t like it because they felt that it was glorifying him and did not address the impact of his crimes on his victims or their loved ones.” – Sam

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