Thanksgiving 2021 Special

Show Notes

Looking for a podcast that will get you into the holiday spirit? Look no further than Three Fates Decide. In this episode, the hosts delve into the main idea of Thanksgiving traditions and experiences. The speakers discuss their holiday traditions and how they differ from each other. The hosts express their dislike for Black Friday shopping and the consumerism culture in the US. They even provide a pro-tip for shoppers: the best deals are usually in the middle of the year, and Black Friday deals are often not as good as advertised. But don’t worry, the episode also highlights the joy and happiness that the holiday season brings. The podcast ends with a reminder for listeners to send in feedback or questions to the show’s email or Instagram.

Topic: Thanksgiving traditions and experiences
– Different ways of celebrating Thanksgiving, including cooking and gathering with family
– Challenges and quirks that come with celebrating Thanksgiving
– Italian Christmas celebrations and how they are similar to Thanksgiving in the US
– Dislike for Black Friday shopping and the consumerism culture in the US
– Personal Thanksgiving traditions, including potluck style dinners and sharing the workload of cooking
– Thanksgiving food and experiences with cooking and baking different items
– Personal traditions for listening to Christmas music and decorating for the holiday season
– Acknowledgement of the stress and depression that can come with the holiday season and thoughts and prayers for those who are struggling
– Favorite parts of the Macy’s Day parade
– Importance of family traditions and shared experiences during Thanksgiving
– Tips for cooking and eating turkey for Thanksgiving
– Mention of TV shows and movies related to Thanksgiving
– Reminder for listeners to send in feedback or questions to the show’s email or Instagram.

Key Points

Experience an unforgettable Thanksgiving with your loved ones and indulge in the traditional Italian-American feast of lengthy, flavorful dishes that will have you in a state of blissful food coma!

An amateur mistake on Thanksgiving Day is attempting to cook a huge turkey and expecting it to be ready by noon – a seemingly impossible feat!

Beware! Despite the hype, many ‘Black Friday’ deals are nothing more than artificially inflated prices designed to lure unsuspecting shoppers.

Savvy shoppers can save an average of 20-30% on purchases throughout the year, compared to waiting for Black Friday.

Thanksgiving feasts can be taken to the next level with the added touch of homemade desserts and sides, as evidenced by Liz and Sam’s families who opt for both homemade and bakery-bought delights.

The Thanksgiving Day parade is a time-honored tradition, with over 3 million viewers tuning in to watch the spectacular performances, creative floats, and tantalizing dishes like stuffing with nuts every year!

Once a staple of New York City’s culinary culture, oysters are now an elusive delicacy, with exorbitant prices sourced from distant locations.

As the Thanksgiving season approaches, it’s easy to feel pressured to express gratitude – but it’s important to remember that each individual’s thanks is unique and special. Embrace your own sense of appreciation and revel in the richness of your personal thankfulness.

During the holiday season, the prevalence of stress and depression can skyrocket, leaving many feeling overwhelmed and isolated.

Using traditional Southern ingredients such as celery, onion, and oysters, Mary’s family carefully crafts a delicious, homemade oyster dressing each Thanksgiving, full of flavor and love.

Savoring the succulent, juicy flavor of a deep-fried turkey is an unforgettable experience that will leave your taste buds tantalized!


– “There’s not enough money in the world to pay me to go out of my house on Black Friday.”

“And in my house, it’s not officially a holiday season until Santa crosses or stops in front of Macy’s.”

‚Äč”I’m sorry. Because it’s in every damn store from, like, starting now until after Christmas. And I get so sick of it.”

– “You lose somebody, you can’t help but look back on that. It does make it a little solemn.”

– “But, um, it was really tasty and it may surprise some people, but for me, stuffing is not something I normally would eat.”

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