New Year New You: The Astrology 101 Episode

Show Notes

Discover the mysteries of the universe with the Three Fates Decide podcast. In this episode, delve into the strange phenomena of astrology and learn how to read and interpret your own birth chart. From the ten planets and signs to the twelve houses and their meaning, the hosts break down the basics and share their personal experiences with the accuracy of astrology. Explore the impact of different signs on your career and relationships. Gain insight into your emotional tendencies based on the placement of planets in your chart.

The signs of the zodiac in western astrology
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Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, this podcast is for anyone curious about strange phenomena. Tune in to Three Fates Decide and unlock the secrets of the stars. Don’t miss out on this journey of self-discovery and reflection.

-Astrology basics & personal experiences
-Zodiac signs & accuracy
-Importance of birth chart understanding
-Sun, Moon, and Ascendant signs
-Rising, Sun, and Descendant signs
-Astrology & career/ideal partner
-Planetary significance & generational impact
-Zodiac signs & personality traits
-Twelve houses in a birth chart
-Different houses representing aspects of life
-Four elemental signs & personality influence
-Planet placement & emotional tendencies
-Positive & challenging planetary energies
-Strange phenomena beliefs & experiences

Key Points

Unlock your true potential with the power of your rising sign. It reveals how you physically and symbolically express yourself to the world.

Astrology can provide powerful insight into your life, unlocking previously unknown depths of understanding about yourself and your relationships with others. By learning the basics of astrology – including planets, signs, polarities, modalities, elements, aspects and houses.

Unlock your potential and discover the perfect career for you with the help of the mid heaven sign!

Unlock your career aspirations and create a more happier family and home life with the power of the IC sign and mid heaven!

Astrology reveals fascinating insights into our personalities, communication habits, romantic inclinations, and ambitions through its astrological symbols, which mirror the powerful roles of the Roman gods.

Exploring the deep mysteries of the universe, the twelve signs of the zodiac reveal a blend of planetary influences and distinct personalities, from the generational planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, to the traditional signs of the zodiac.

Fire signs demonstrate tenacity, earth signs are reliable and steadfast, air signs are adaptable and creative, and water signs are intuitively perceptive; the cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs all embody powerful traits that make each sign unique and inspiring!

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“We’re going to talk about astrology, which is kind of an odd topic, but I joke about how it’s, uh, one of my weird pandemic hobbies that I picked up.”

“There are ten planets signs that you study up on, um, in astrology. And there are four additional signs that are not really planets…” – Liz

“The three most significant out of these, uh, particular signs. So there is the sun, the Moon, and your rising sign.” – Liz

“The descendant sign represents how do you view relationships in general and also it’s supposedly an indicator of what you’re looking for in terms of a partner.” – Liz

“It just freaked me out even more because the stuff that I feel like I’m lacking in when I looked at what house, that planet, it’s the stuff that I really do feel like I’m lacking. It’s crazy.” – Sam

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