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Don’t miss out on the latest episode of the Three Fates Decide podcast. This time the hosts delve into the complex world of the new Batman movie simply titled, The Batman. The hosts provide a fresh perspective on the portrayal of The Riddler in the film, drawing inspiration from real-life criminals. They discuss the psychological backgrounds of Batman’s villains and the believability of their motivations. With

– The hosts’ opinions on the Batman movie and its portrayal of the Riddler
– The plot of a Batman storyline involving corrupt officers and drug deals led by Falcone
– Mixed opinions on Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne/Batman
– Discussion on the portrayal of Selena Kyle/Catwoman in the movie
– Brief mention of the possibility of a new actor playing the Joker
– Praise for the realistic and scary portrayal of the Riddler in the upcoming Batman

What did you think of this movie, love it or hate it? Are you eager for the sequel? Let us know!

Key Points

The latest Batman movie features an incredibly menacing and realistic portrayal of the Riddler. This makes him one of the most frightening villains to ever grace the big screen.

The critically-acclaimed performances of Jeffrey Wright and Andy Serkis in “The Batman” have captivated audiences worldwide.

The Riddler’s menacing presence as a realistic villain instills an intense fear. He pushes Batman to become an intrepid detective in order to prevent further destruction.

Zoe Kravitz’s portrayal of Selena Kyle/Catwoman in “The Batman” has been lauded by fans as a superior alternative to Anne Hathaway’s version.

The highly-anticipated Batman movie, inspired by Alfred Hitchcock films, is a thrilling detective story that challenges the Dark Knight to outsmart the insidious Riddler.

Experience an electrifying new take on the Caped Crusader’s origin story as this darker, more intense Batman embarks on his gripping journey to becoming the hero we know and love.

Colin Farrell’s astonishingly realistic prosthetics in his portrayal of the Penguin defied recognition, leaving viewers astonished by his transformation.

The Riddler’s notorious appeal to the public’s disdain for corruption has enabled him to amass a dangerous following, amplifying the threat posed by the dangerous ideology of real-life serial killers and domestic terrorists.

Warner Bros is facing a formidable challenge of restructuring and revamping their financials and release plans in the wake of the unprecedented merger of HBO Max and Discovery Plus.

The disastrous production of the highly anticipated Batgirl movie has been shockingly written off as a total loss, surpassing its already substantial budget by a staggering margin.


– “I have lost faith in DC or in Warner Brothers. Excuse me? In Warner Bros. Yeah, I think we’ve all lost faith in Warner Bros. At this point” – Mary

– “Selena inadvertently exposes them when she arrives to steal money and discovers Anika’s corpse in the trunk of a car.”

– “Alfred believes that Falcon had Bruce’s parents killed to prevent this. I feel like the Wayne family always has to be involved in some way.”

“I just don’t think the role of Selena Kyle was for her personally.” – Mary on Zoe Kravitz’s portrayal of Catwoman

“Zoe brought an element of mystery to Selena and Catwoman where, like, Michelle Pfeiffer, you knew what her issue is.”

– That’s the problem with making movies based off the same characters over and over and over again.

– My thing with these superhero movies is that if the character didn’t die on screen, there’s always a possibility they’ll come back.

– “You can recognize those people in this version of the Riddler. And it’s like that just makes him more scary.” 

– “I really do like the way the direction he took The Riddler in. And I even looked up just to see the top ten Riddler actors.” – Mary

– “I think it would be interesting if in the sequel they’re working on, they bring him back, uh, along with Joker.” – Liz

‚Äč”It’s hilarious to me that they’ve decided now, after Disney’s made tons and tons of money off of the MCU, that finally they’re going to do a similar strategy.” – Liz

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