The Court Trial of Alex Murdaugh

Show Notes

Trigger Warning: There are discussions of murder and gruesome crime scenes in this episode. If you find too disturbing, please do not listen.

“Step into the world of true crime with the latest episode of the Three Fates Decide podcast. In this episode, the host Sam delves into the court trial of Alex Murdaugh. Alex Murdaugh is on trial for the heart-wrenching murder of his wife and son. Tune in now to hear the latest updates and riveting details from

Topic: The Trial of Alec Murdaugh for the Murder of His Wife and Son
1. Introduction to the podcast episode discussing the trial of Alec Murdaugh.
2. Brief overview of the case and the accusations against Murdaugh.
3. Summary of the prosecution’s arguments, including cell phone records and video evidence.
4. Discussion of suspicions raised about Murdaugh’s involvement and his changing narratives.
5. Mention of the possibility of two shooters and final text messages

Key Points

Suspicion loomed as he admitted to having touched various bodies with no visible trace of blood.

The prosecution’s expert witness stated that the trajectory of the bullets could be explained by a single shooter moving around the scene.

Alex Murdaugh orchestrated a dramatic shooting in a desperate attempt to secure a ten-million-dollar life insurance payout for his son.

The prosecution accused Alex Murdaugh of engaging in a calculated fraud to collect life insurance. The plot allegedly involves conspiracy and filing a false police report to simulate a suicide.

Alex Murdaugh purportedly attempted to suborn perjury by offering to finance the wedding of a key witness in exchange for her altering her testimony.

Murdaugh confessed to embezzling funds and planning a disastrous murder-for-hire scheme, yet vehemently denied slaying his own beloved family.

Alec Murdaugh was accused of murdering his wife based on an unsubstantiated theory of a ‘vengeful vigilante shooter.’

The defense argued that the crime scene was not properly preserved. They casted doubt on the validity of the bloody footprint identified as belonging to a law enforcement officer.

The investigation into Paul Murdaugh’s shooting was marred by conflicting expert witness testimonies and scathing criticism from John Marvin for law enforcement’s mishandling of evidence.

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“I did him so bad” – from audio of Alex’s second interview with law enforcement, potentially confessing to the murders of his wife and son.

“It is only one explanation as to what may have taken place on that night” – Agent Worley on the defense’s theory of two shooters.

“The cell phone footage taken by Paul at the dog kennel just minutes before he and Maggie were killed…casted a bunch of doubts on Alex’s alibi.”

“In the body cam footage shown in court, the, um, Alex was dressed in a white short sleeve t shirt and shorts. So definitely a change of clothing.”

“The attorney represented clients in wrongful death lawsuits before allegedly pocketing the settlement money for himself.”

“By June 7 of 2021, the law firm partners had noticed $792,000 worth of legal fees were missing from the case that he worked on with Mr. Wilson.”

“I am immensely sorry to everyone I’ve hurt, including my family, friends and colleagues. I ask for prayers as I rehabilitate myself and my relationships.”

“Prosecutors say that Murdaugh killed his wife and son again around 850. So here he was an hour later, acting completely normal.”

– “The stippling that was found on Paul’s chest wound, indicating the shot was fired from within 3ft, but not closer than six inches.”

​- “Maggie’s sister did testify on February 14, and it was revealed that her brother in law Alec had made weird comments after the murders.”

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