The Last of Us (TV Show)

Show Notes

“Get ready for an exhilarating episode of Three Fates Decide, where we delve into this thrilling game adaptation. Join us as we explore the captivating world of HBO’s “The Last of Us” starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. Brace yourself for a discussion filled with twists and turns, as we dissect every aspect of this gripping series.

In this episode, we’ll unravel the storyline of “The Last of Us” and its transition from video game to television. We’ll uncover how the show maintains the essence of the game while offering a fresh and expanded perspective. Prepare as we shed light on the remarkable attention to detail and the brilliance behind the show’s unique concept of a fungal-induced zombie apocalypse.

We’ll also explore the thought-provoking inspiration behind the show’s realistic fungal network and its connection to our own world. Discover the truth behind cordyceps and its potential to evolve into a threat similar to what we witness in the series.

Additionally, we’ll examine the changes made in the TV adaptation, from character dynamics to the thrilling locations they traverse. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions as we discuss the heart-wrenching sacrifices, unexpected alliances, and shocking plot twists that make this series a true masterpiece. Tune in now!

In This Episode

  • HBO series “The Last of Us”
  • Staying true to game’s storyline
  • Fungal infection inspiration
  • Key differences between game and show
  • Importance of motion capture actors
  • Brief synopsis of second episode
  • Infected individuals’ fungal network
  • Love story of Bill and Frank
  • Joel and Ellie’s journey in Missouri
  • Joel and Ellie held at gunpoint
  • Henry’s confession and sacrifice
  • Opening scene and storyline differences
  • Analyzing the seventh episode
  • Discussion on infected concept
  • Episode eight and differences with game
  • Disturbing revelations and heavy episode
  • Discussion on traumatic events
  • Speculation on potential second season
  • Possibility of an open ending.

Key Points

The terrifyingly realistic premise of a zombie apocalypse induced by the real-life cordyceps fungus is sure to chill and captivate viewers.

Utilizing Neil Druckman’s creative genius, HBO was able to expand the beloved world of the source material while uncompromisingly preserving its integrity.

Despite the frequency of human fungal infections, it is highly improbable for fungi to evolve to the point of infecting other species in a span of less than millions of years – an unfathomable timescale.

With its captivating storylines and emotionally-driven character development, the TV show adaptation of ‘The Last of Us’ provides an unparalleled level of depth and connection to Joel’s daughter Sarah, compared to the game.

The highly-anticipated Last of Us TV series is set to captivate viewers with its faithful recreation of the beloved game’s storyline while providing an immersive and vivid exploration of its minor characters.

Torn apart by secrets and lies, Bill and Frank’s passionate love story takes a thrilling turn as they fight to overcome the obstacles dividing them.

Discover the thrilling differences in the television adaptation of “The Last of Us” as you explore new enemies such as the terrifying Bloater and reimagined character roles.

Ellie’s remarkable immunity and her mother’s heroic sacrifice have given her a crucial role in the pursuit of a life-saving cure.

David’s influence as a religious cult leader has been demonstrated to be far more powerful than his presence in the game, presenting a compelling case for his enigmatic power.


“Yeah, I mean as somebody who has not played the game at all, um, overall I thought it was really an interesting concept.”

“Hypothetically speaking, could fungi evolve, um, in this direction? Hypothetically, yes. But is it very likely? No.”

“I thought maybe that might have been why they changed it to ten years. They upped it by ten years, I guess.”

“As the writers felt the story taking place simultaneously with the show’s release was more interesting and real and did not fundamentally change the story, which is actually true.” – Liz

“More bandits find the bodies. Their leader, Kathleen, believes Joel and Ellie might be in contact with a man named henry and orders a manhunt.”

“The opening scene is different in the show, because in the game, Joel and Ellie confront an older couple who send them in the right direction before warning them of a mysterious danger across the river.” – Sam

“If they could fit everything for the first game into season one, they should be able to do it again for season two. They could, but I don’t see it happening.”

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