The Life and Legacy of Queen Elizabeth II

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Are you ready for an exhilarating episode of Three Fates Decide? Join us as we dive into the life and death of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-running monarch for the United Kingdom. We will explore the impact of her reign on the British Empire, the Commonwealth, and the entire United Kingdom. You will discover the fascinating history and background of the royal family, and their influence on the world.

As we discuss the future of the monarchy, you will learn about the rules and traditions that govern the titles and positions within the royal family. We will also share our personal insights and opinions on the matter.

Don’t miss out on this riveting episode of Three Fates Decide. Tune in and be entertained by our witty banter and engaging discussions. Let the three fates decide your fate and join us for an unforgettable experience.

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Topic: The Death of Queen Elizabeth II and the British Monarchy

  • Queen Elizabeth II was the longest running monarch for the United Kingdom.
  • Her eldest son will continue on as King Charles III.
  • The Queen is the second longest reigning sovereign in world history.
  • Many English and Scottish kings or queens are directly related to her.
  • More than a quarter of the world’s population was under British imperial rule in 1952.
  • The British Empire disappeared under Elizabeth’s reign and became the Commonwealth.
  • Hong Kong was once a British colony and currently dealing with issues with mainland China.
  • The entire United Kingdom benefited from colonization.
  • The Queen had a fantastic sense of humor and was very religious.
  • Imelda Staunton will be playing her in the last two seasons of The Crown.
  • In our lifetime, we will most likely never see another reigning queen, only Queen Consorts.
  • The title of Prince of Wales is given by the current monarch.
  • There’s only been one instance of a Duke of York title going from father to son.
  • The future of the British monarchy is uncertain.

Key Points

After an unprecedented seven-decade reign, Queen Elizabeth II has passed away, paving the way for King Charles III to ascend the throne.

[0:6:2] Queen Elizabeth’s historic visit to Hong Kong in 1986 was so momentous that its commemorative coins are now worth an extraordinary fortune – a treasure worth protecting with a professional appraisal and insurance.

At the young age of 25, Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne and, over the course of her remarkable reign, she has witnessed numerous political upheavals, from the Northern Ireland conflict to the decolonization of Africa, while successfully working with 14 different Prime Ministers.

Queen Elizabeth II is an extraordinary figure in history, descending from centuries of English and Scottish royalty as well as reigning monarchs from around the world.

[0:18:7] As a tribute to her beloved grandsons and out of her dedication to her patronages, Queen Elizabeth II raised millions in the wake of Princess Diana’s death despite criticism for not immediately addressing the tragedy.

Despite initially bringing economic benefits, the shady British colonization of Hong Kong has sparked decades of tension with China, culminating in a volatile situation today.

When her uncle abdicated and her father unexpectedly passed away, Queen Elizabeth II was unexpectedly thrust onto the throne – a destiny she was never originally meant to fulfill.

[0:38:11] Olivia Coleman and Helen Mirren have both achieved the regal honor of portraying the legendary Queen Elizabeth II in acclaimed films and shows.

Featuring a remarkable display of wit, Queen Elizabeth II astounded a security guard by quipping, “You didn’t recognize me?!”, demonstrating her remarkable sense of humor.


“She celebrated several jubilees, the Silver, the golden, the diamond, and more recently in June, the Platinum Jubilee.” – Sam

“More than 20 countries got their freedom during her reign. And when that happened, she wasn’t fighting, uh, going to war with them to keep them or whatever. She wished them well.” – Sam

“If it hadn’t been a colony, they wouldn’t have enjoyed all sorts of freedoms that people in the mainland don’t always get to enjoy.” – Liz

“I want to give them that chance, that they can point me out and say, I saw the Queen. They don’t have to guess. They know. Yes, there she is.” – Sam

“She actually changed it and started to pay income tax for the first time. And she opened Buckingham Palace to the public, so that people can take tours and things like that. And I think that it did help a lot.” – Sam

“In our lifetime, we will never, most likely not impossible, but most likely never see another reigning queen.” – Sam

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