The Little Mermaid Movie Review

Show Notes

Join Sam, on the Three Fates Decide podcast as she takes a deep dive into the live-action adaptation of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” In this episode, she’ll be reviewing the film with a focus on the changes made from the original animated version. From new songs and updated lyrics to minor plot changes and additional characters, the live-action version offers a fresh take on the classic story.

But that’s not all – she’ll also be discussing the behind-the-scenes changes made to emphasize consent and empower women. And of course, she’ll be sharing her own thoughts on the cast’s performances and the overall success of the adaptation. So tune in to Three Fates Decide, available on various streaming sites, and follow us on Instagram and TikTok for more updates. Don’t miss out on this exciting episode!

  • Sam reviews live-action “Little Mermaid”
  • Recap of plot, cast
  • Overview of film, no spoilers
  • Differences from original animated version
  • Alan Menken discusses changes to lyrics, characters
  • Increased roles for Triton’s daughters, Eric’s backstory
  • Ursula as Triton’s estranged sister, stronger Ariel
  • Positive review of cast performances
  • Recommendation to watch, despite CGI issues
  • Addressing controversy around Halle Bailey’s casting

Key Points

Experience a reimagining of the classic Disney tale with the highly-anticipated live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid, featuring stunning visuals and an enchanting soundtrack sure to captivate viewers of all ages!

The reimagined Little Mermaid features changes, including an emphasis on consent and the introduction of an entirely new backstory for Prince Eric.

Halle Bailey, Melissa McCarthy, and Javier Bardem stunned audiences with their emotionally-charged performances.

After a devastating shipwreck, Ariel’s courageous sisters reunite with their father and take on the mammoth task of restoring the kingdom – aided by the majestic northern gannet, Scuttle!


“A couple of the lyrics in other songs got updated, mostly in Kiss the Girl and poor unfortunate souls.”

“Basically, consent has become very big. Uh, this day and age compared to, I guess, 1989.”

“Alan Menken feels that it makes young girls feel that they shouldn’t speak out of turn, um, even though Ursula is manipulating Ariel at that part.”

“It’s time to grow with the times, is basically what he’s saying.”

“Eric has a backstory. Now he isn’t, again, just some prince waiting in a castle for a princess with no nothing. It makes you, I think, love and appreciate Eric even more.”

“She truly was the heroine in her own story. She didn’t wait for someone to save her.”

“Melissa McCarthy…nailed it. She just nailed it again. Just amazing.”

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